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Name: LillithOmega
Birthday: Oct 29 2000
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 13 Oct 2016

Membership: Member

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Update: I've decided to join the general coven SpellCasters for now, if any other coven would like to approach me i.e ask me to a apply for their coven I would not be adverse to it.

Update 2: I do not appreciate useless messages. My time is better off researching more about magick and having intelligent conversations. Do not ask me to "show" magical creatures or demons to you, I do not conduct in such idiocy.

My name Lillith or you can just call me Lil or Kyles I don't mind either way. My profile picture is temporary as I am still in the midst of creating my real one.

I'm somewhat clumsy, socially awkward and very blunt. I'm genderfluid and bisexual, so I can't really identify as either gender, it really depends on the day. I'm quite well-versed in the language of enochian and would be glad to help anyone who might have confusions with it. I'm a malaptive daydreamer so I might accidentally forget to answer a message cause I'm too busy daydreaming and "working out my mind". I'm pro-choice(depending on the circumstances), pro-LGBTQA+, a democrat if I lived in America, a feminist(not to be confused with the feminazis) and anti-racist.

If I was American I'd give my support to Bernie. Obama was possibly one of the best things to happen to you people but you're too blind to see it. Remember that you were the first immigrants to invade America.

Reverse racism does not exist.

If you're pro-rape, you do not deserve any human rights.

These (I would like to add) are my personal opinions, and if you're going to message me to tell me my OPINIONS are wrong. Then you should expect a difficult fight on your hands, I do not give up when it comes to debates of this sort. I am not like other immature people who debate without supporting themselves with facts, I will in fact throw a large number of real statistics, evidence and such to you should you choose to degrade what is MY opinion. I would like to remind anyone that is even contemplating messaging me to say such, that yes. I might be young, but I have enough experience that I can defend myself with ease. Also, do try to properly read everything before attempting to debate with me. I do not condone idiots who are so quick to type before reading.

However, if you're looking for a friendly debate whereby you will not resort to calling me childish insults to prove your point then by all means message me. I do love a good debate :)

My favourite colour is purple. My soul animal is the owl due to my intuition and wisdom. (I do give fairly good advice if I do say so myself.)

I've just become wiccan and I find that it fits me very well. I was a christian before I became a wiccan, I won't elaborate on how or why I transitioned but let's just say it wasn't an easy transition or choice to make.

I'm still feeling around the whole Wiccan thing, so any advice or help would be appreciated.

I have recently found out that I have a very strong psychic talent and would like to develop it further. If I could have some /professional/ help it would be much appreciated thank you.

I'm fairly fine with speaking with others but if I see any hints of flirting I will not hesitate to block you and ignore all messages. I do not appreciate people who use this website as a dating site. Please respect my wishes thank you. I do like to roleplay (not the dirty kind, this is not a sexual website thank you very much) random things, it is a fun way to stir the imagination and it usually gives me some inspiration for my stories. So if you would like to roleplay then by all means message me.

Also I am very sarcastic,blunt sometimes as it is just my type of humour(which is quite dark), so if I say something that sounds rude chances are I'm not trying to be rude.

Currently, I do not have a proper coven as I do not feel as though it is my time to join one. I am quite confident in my skill of intuition as such I shall bide my time until I am either invited or until I feel that the time is ripe.

Edit: I will be gone for quite some time as this is a very important year of exams for me. As such if you would like to message me then please text me using my kik @LadyShadowNight

Kik is a free social media application that allows the user to message anyone that they add as a friend.

Edit: I despise wannabe emo girls who pretend to be something they are not. The "fantasy" spells section is called "fantasy" for a reason. If you are one of those wannabe sad emo girls that think "cutting" is cute or "popular" then please do not message me. You are a shame and a blight on humanity for advertising such depressing things for attention.

Edit 2: Yes. There are such things as demons. However, should you try to summon one let me tell you that your chances of living are very slim. Demons, maybe not all but most, are called demons for a reason. They can and will kill you. If you want to try and a summon a demon go ahead, just don't ask me how or if I can help. I will not be a part of assistant suicide just because some pathetic emo girl wants to summon a demon to solve her problems.

Edit 3: Yes I do look at the fantasy section occasionally but it is because it amuses me and what I do in my free time is honestly none of your concern.

Edit 4: Immortality is not a thing and if I get another message demanding me to give you immortality or something equally as ridiculous, I can and will block you. I despise people who harass others over such stupid things.

Edit 5: I'm going to take a risk and hope that the idiots who were harassing me about demon affairs won't look at edit 5. I mentioned in Edit 2 that most demons are evil, which had more than a few people messaging me telling me what an idiot I was (except for this one nice person, at least I think they're nice) for assuming all demons are evil. I shall explain now why I made edit 2 and why I said what I said. There were a number of people who drew the conclusion that since my name "Lilith" was a demon name that i must be associated with demons or am a demon myself.

1. I am not a demon.

2. Yes I associate with one or two demons every few weeks, but I keep my distance because I KNOW they can be dangerous and manipulative.

So, if I know the truth about demons why did I post it? I have 2 reasons for that.

1. There were so many (and i mean many) pathetic self-pitying kids (I repeat, KIDS, they were barely 14) asking me to give them immortality or to kill their parents or something equally as ridiculous.

2. I've had many a christian messaging me to try and "bring me to the light away from demonic presence". Heck, I even had one try to get me on a skype call with them so they could pray for me.

I have absolutely no patience for such people, so I decided to try and deter these people away from me by posting Edit 2. So now you know why.

Edit 6: Why don't I just remove edit 2 now that I've made edit 5? Because I'm betting on the chances that the two people mentioned above won't read further than edit 2, and if they do I'll just have to deal with it myself.


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