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Name: Thesadangel
Birthday: Jul 24 1998
Location: The darkness and flames. Looking for souls to take
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 28 Jun 2017

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio

Shes not on here much but still be nice toXiola ask her anything like bad things. You should not or try and harm her or every hurt her feelings i will tear your soul a part. I may not talk to her much but i do care for her a lot. So mess with her your dead.People stop asking for stupid request... I have to put this here. Do not mail me asking me to give you. A other body or if i want a slave or for me to take your soul. when asking stupid things of it. Just from reading i do soul magic. Or anything else like that.

Warning my online is being bad so sometimes i maybe cannot get back to you and emails you send me mabe lost. Also been very busy with life so sorry if it takes long times to get back to anyone

Name angel magic soul magic and some others i know a lot. I am willing to help. To some i mail but never got back to sorry for that. I am someone very kind okay but also very dark.. I am always willing to learn more and very opened minded but do not mail. Me if you someone who will not gave me time to get back. On when i say i will help i am on and of busy. Sometimes helping people with big things.

I do not trust people at all i think its better to be alone Most people just lie and use you. Orleave you when you got close to them and think you can......So i do not care for them and hate them. But am friendly talk to me if you want but. If you lie to me or try to close to me to just hurt me or use me.... Well lets just say your end up with not so nice a fate.

Darkness it goes to be the only true friend for one so cold heartness has a fall into it. Every more if your someone dark come talk to me lets be friends if you want, Darkness belongs only with only darkness

Put this on your profile if you agree:

God and Satan are dead now get over it

I'm on my own side


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