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Name: RoseCore
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 03 Mar 2016

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(Somebody told me to take caution of stating my age so I deleted it.)

My name is Midnight Rose and I have a family of four; my mother, father, my older sister and two older brothers. I know I wrote that I have a family of four, but my brothers aren't with us right now, but they will join us here in Japan sooner or later.

I have black hair and my eyes are slightly different colors. One is closer to black and the other is closer to hazel.

I don't really have much of anything to write, nor do I have anything interesting to tell you. I apologize for that and everything that I've done wrong so far.

Please, imagine me as whatever you'd like me to look like, I don't really mind at all whatsoever. I don't like how I look, so I would rather keep a low profile and give only a few details about myself. I don't like to reveal anything private, nor do I like socializing with people that may cause trouble for me in the future, or as I call them "knives".

You might as well just leave this page that shows my profile, for it is only wasting your time. If you want to know me better you might as well just email me.

I have decided to put some more details and facts about me, but there is not much to tell. Some details are details that I have already mentioned, but please, be patient if you are reading any of my work. I live in a fantasy world apart from people that live in reality.

I have jet black hair, my family is of four, my eyes are slightly different colors, ...

The dots are for 'there are more things, but they are not related to the other facts' and 'etc.' is for 'many more things that relate to this subject'.

If none of this makes sense to you, I don't blame you, for I am a very confusing person.

You might as well not hesitate to call me a 'strange person' for I don't really care much of what people think of me, nor do I care what they say about me.

I know that this is annoying, having me to repeat this in the text over and over again, but this is all of the things I stated about me but together:

Age: (Sorry I can't write down my age.)

Hair color: Black

Eye color(s): Black and brown

Family: an older sister, two older brothers, mother, and father

Gender: Female

Likes: Books, silence, the forest, being in the shadows...

Hates: loud noises, people yelling, people that pinch my cheeks, ...

(I will add more as I go on, but for now this is all I have to share with you.)


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