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Name: Awesometrio
Location: In fairy tail guild hall
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 08 Mar 2016

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Show One; Hetalia 1; + About Hello person reading this! My name is Arianna, but you could call me Ari. I'm born on february 10th 2002 sharing a birthday with my mom's friend, Vic from PTV, sooyoung, and a boy from my school. I love anime/manga, kpop, and more anime/manga. I'm practically trash. I enjoy dancing, rping, and drawing, though I'm not that good at drawing eyes, but oh well. Some of my favorite anime series are Hetalia, Black Butler, Ouran Highschool Host Club, and a ton more. Onto kpop, I really like EXO, SNSD, Big Bang, EXID, and other groups. Since I enjoy dancing, I love to learn kpop dances on my free time. Anyways, I like making new friends so drop me a comment so we could talk or if you want to get to know me more than that's fine to. I really have no clue what i want to do when I get older it changes so much like for example i say i want to be a classical horseback rider, and the next its like so many. I'm more of a weakling not strong at all. If you have seen my youtube its mainly liked videos, with friends, dancing, and rock music. Yes you may be wondering when i get into rock music it was my first trimester of my eighth grade year and yes i'm still in eighth grade. Some of the rock bands are Black veil Brides, Pierce the veil, sleeping with the sirens, set it off, three days grace and more. Um I like my two online friends one is a Guy and the other is a girl but she is 16 and the guy is 13 or 14 either way, in the meantime, bai bI lovely people! Show Two; Black Butler 2; + Likes? -Anime/manga -Kpop -Asian Stuff - soda or any carbonated drink - YouTube -waffles -role playing anything evolving anime or creepypasta with friends -drama - stuffed animals -witchcraft Show Three; Ouran Highschool Host Club 3; + Dislikes - alcohol (reason is its because in Florida I promised to never touch alcohol when I'm older as in 20's or older) - rude comments/rude people Show Four; Death Note 4; + Pals You guys know who you are. You all make me happy! To people who wanna mess with them, don't even try. Show five; Fairy tail 5; + Other -music -makeup Element: water/ice Str


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