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Name: aldoun1
Birthday: Aug 10 2001
Location: The magickal land of nonyo biznes
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Oct 2016

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"I am best known for my overwhelming fits of joy"

Hi, my real name is luke, I am a fourtune teller(Personaly, I dislike the term fortune telling, thats not what it is, its divination, but it's refered to this way, so i'll say it that way), i will do a reading for any one but, i wont teach you . mail me if you feel the need.

also im gay.

I'm pagan, i don't know what this called, but: there's a tree, I don't worship it, it doesn't worship me, it aids me in magick, in return, I sacrifice my aether (energy), and fruits and clean water to it, we've grown very close together.(as lewd as it sounds) we can feel each other's emotions, and needs, and we'll aid the other when they need it, if you want to hear the story of it, then you mail me.

Relationship Status: We're not dating, but I love him, no matter how many times he says no, every time you say his name like he's yours, i think of 3 new ways to kill you, he's mine, piss off....

My favorite kinds of books are: manga, spell books, and other peoples diarys.

i like music, geometry, painting, drawing,i play piano, cello, violin, gutar, ukalale, and i do other cute stuff like that, like reading.

i love getting mail, so even if its pointless, mail me, i also love new friends, so... do that to i guess.

If anyone has a WORKING love spell, then I would be willing to share valuable knowledge that I have aquired, but only after the spell has taken place

aldoun was gagged, idk y

i love anime and manga and yaoi, but most of all....ANIMALS.

I'm starting to do energy work, so if you have any tips....send 'em my way.

It's almost spring, as long as those cute little flowers on the trees are blooming, i have high mana, it goes up even more when fireflies are out, its normally too much for my body, so i'm willing to cast a spell for anyone during that time, 100% free.

kiss your hand five times, repost, then look under your pillow.

------------------------------------------------------------------------My arts include:

runecasting(new to)



energy work(new)

astreal projection( not new to, but it still sucks)

crystal magick


sacred geometry


candle magick



priesthood( not in a religious sense)

I'm making new kind of magick, its called stardust magick, if you wanna help, or know how it works, Just ask about it.

If anyone is willing to teach me, or help, I would really enjoy it

I do take students, but only in things i am highly experienced in.


fav. quote(s)

if we stay locked up like this, we'll forget how to dance when we get out- anne frank

i know a little bit a bout a every thing, and everything about nothing- me

oh yeah, i'm fine, i just woke up on the wrong side of the dirt- grandma

the older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune- ireland(?)

Birth is bloody, birth painful, so is murder-me

A stopped clock is right 2 times a day-me

no child is stupid, just more pure then all the rest-me

before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes, after that? WHO CARES? they're a mile away, and you have their shoes

Scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours-?

How about this, you scratch my back, and my back won't itch-me


fav colour( color, whatever)


Fav. moons: both half moons, the full moon, and the new moon. one half moon because im half light, half dark. one half moon because i'm incomplete. the full because i'm beautiful. the new moon because i'm non-existint.

fav food

sushi( yes, i know ~-~)



astreal transformation


fav animal

my dog(duh)


True story:

When my body was born, it was without tears, it was without voice or screams, it was without life, and it was without soul. I- my soul- was in the room, without body nor recollection of whom I was or anything or past, as natural instinct would have it, I flew into to body of a child, then, it opened it's eyes, and shead tear.........14 years latter, I meditate, and I see visions of a past life, a woman was carrying me, and I was looking at her, then I cried, she said only this "Don't cry child, the boat is unsinkable". I stopped my crying, and then the boat sank.....the vision stopped, leaving me with a wet and cold feeling.....


Root: open (44%)

Sacral: open (50%)

Navel: under-active (12%)

Heart: open (62%)

Throat: open (69%)

Third Eye: open (56%)

Crown: open (31%)

You are a movie star, and this is the part of the movie that sucks, but if you finnish it, you'll win that oscar award."


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