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Name: Uta2205
Location: A horrid Despair
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Oct 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hai dere.. I go by Zack, Pluto, Kanato, Grey, Black/Kuro... I am a wolf, and have part of my mind which acts as such.. and forewarning you I have one of the most cynical outlooks on life ever. Just another note im plagued by hallucinations.. Some which manage to come into reality.. So that can explain some things on my profile or things I say/do... If I dont respond its cause im a tad bit shy/antisocial.. But i'll still respond to anybody who messages me.. probably.. and I dont bite.. Mostly ^,.,^


A bottomless curse. A bottomless sea. Call to the bloodless wherever they be.. Can you hear the sea?

A bottomless curse, A bottomless sea. Source of all greatness, all things that be..


Most everything on my profile is directed to/for a specific person..

Mood: Fml, my life's ruined even more. Sad, Depressed and wanting to die again. I usually adore despair.. But this is just depressing.

Death doesnt like to be cheated, yet mankind creates so much, professions even.. Just to delay that inevitable day. The sweet release..


THE LEGEND NEVER DIES- Congrats on those who get the reference, Praise the Darkmoon/..Sun..

Maybe my life is just a Wonderful, but oh so horrible nightmare.. and when I die.. My dream may be of a more pleasant nature and who knows.. maybe we could be together.

I am Fateless. Searching for a purpose is my purpose, my fate. All of those fated in my life, I am forever destined to choose against their fate. Their fate is with me and therefore I am without them. I have no set fate. My fate is reliant on them. Without them I am nothing. I have no purpose. No meaning, no fate.

Oh bearer mine.. Let me help you fill the world with teeth.

Oh bearer mine.. silence me to end the voices..

Oh bearer mine.. There's still so much left to burn..

We all wear masks. Some we can never remove. Not even for ourselves. Because after all.. if you find a mask that fits, You never need to take it off.

Im a bit of a psycho and a schizo so yeah ^-^

To some Im a soulless demon. To others Im an angel.

Some scars never heal.. Some I never want to heal..

Pain is inevitable, suffering however is optional. I chose to endure this suffering, your worth it..

Na etoy zemle mezhdu nebom i adom.. Ne pozvolyayte Koshmary presledovat' vas.

Tak mngoo kashmarov

Moya lyubov', pozhaluysta, ne ostavlyayte menya. Yesli vy khotite , chtoby ya ne ostanovit vas. No, po krayney mere, pozvolit' mne smert'. YA lyublyu tebya. Pozhaluysta, ne ostavlyayte menya.

If I die by you.. Please let me die in your arms.. Your loving embrace..

If you die by me.. I will let you however you wish.. But know.. There's no need to apologize.. I couldnt live with myself..



"Sorry about the whole shooting you thing. But I know if you look deep within your heart, which is currently all over that tree, you'll find a way to forgive me"

"Dont let them get in your head my love, I'll kill them if they do"

"Turn back before its too late, unless you have something of an interest in nightmares"

"Memento mori"

"I do love you.. But isn't that how you've made me?"


When you stare into the abyss.. The endless void.. Sometimes it stares back.. Those who were consumed by it do to..


You don't have to stay.. It's appreciated that you do. And have for this long.. If you want to.. I won't stop you from leaving.. but just know.. You mean the world to me.. I love you with all my heart.. A heart which you've made warm again.. And put back together.. Just as I tried to fix you.. By being someone who actually cared.. By always trying to make you smile, and make life bearable. But there's always those sharp edges.. Except I've been on the bad end of them and got used to it.. Except those jagged edges aren't used on me anymore.. Their just a part of you.. A part I've come to love.. Because it makes you.. You.. Without them you just wouldn't be the same.. I wouldn't either..


Are her arms holding me ever so tightly a reminder of her love? Or merely that I am hers? And only hers.


places better left untouched, secrets better left alone...

only a fool would so brazenly roam... Only death awaits prying eyes



"I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me"

"Ive come undone. I think I'll kill everyone. My, what have I done"

"Break the world I know"

"Inside this fantasy, It seems so real to me. Synthetic ecstasy when her legs are open"

"We know that it ends eventually, but its alright. cause right now were frozen."

"True love behind a wall. Where men and angels fall. A fading memory when my mind is frozen."

"Its better to be broken than to break"

"I live in your head and I will haunt your fucking dreams"

"No one will love you like I did, will treat you like I did"

"No one will love you like I did, will touch you like I did. So good luck finding something better"

"Craving bullets from her gun"

"Just to watch them burn alive"

"You love the things I say I'll do"

"The way I'll hurt myself again just to get back at you"

"Why dont you see it"

"Dont know what went wrong"

"Feels like a hundred years I still cant believe you're gone"

"So I'll stay up all night with these bloodshot eyes"

"I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all"

"Step into your picture perfect world just to piss it off"

"This is your last warning, a courtesy call"

"Dirty secrets, heavy memories, and broken hearts across the floor"

"Its not fair when you say that I didnt try"

"I swear I never meant to let it die"

"I need your carrion"

"I walk alone"

"No one knows I lost my soul long ago"

"Lied too much"

"Am I too much?"

"Remembering the one I left at home"

"Forget about the life I used to know"

"While taking pleasure in the awful things you put me through"

"I cant quite contain or explain my evil ways or explain why Im not sane"

"I'll never get away, cause if I try to stray it only holds me closer. I'll never get away, I love it anyway"

"And fade away"

"Betrayed, disgraced. You've been erased."

"I have escaped the bitter taste of you"

"Never trust anyone sober"

"Cause too much thinking is bad for my health"

"Its like a fire cause when its started I cant control it and I burn myself"

"So long, So long. I have erased you"

"So long, So long. Ive wanted to waste you."

"The monster inside, the voices in your head. They're telling you to wash away the crimson stains"

"Take all of me"

"Back to you again"

"This is the end of the line, So thankyou for coming along"

"My time has come, I dont want to leave you behind"

"All I dream of is waking to you"

"Your touch is what Im missing"

"Dont leave me alone"

"I hate living without you"

"Dead wrong to ever doubt you"

"I'll sleep when Im dead."

"Glare at my screen with two big bloodshot eyes"

"Theres no such thing as maybe"

"It only takes one spark for two to fall apart"

"Give me one if its real and two if you can feel it. Give me three signs that your awake"

"Im still broken"

"I took you in with arms wide open"

"So say a benediction for a new addiction"

"This will make you Ultranumb"

"A new manipulation"

"Take advantage of what you deny"

""Have you any soul?" "No sir by the way what the hell are morals?""

"A heart made of stone, callous and bone."

"Fracture and tear it out"

"To think I called it my own."

"I wouldve never thought the pain could grow"

"So I'll break it knowing what you said"

"The pain is what you make it"

"Step into the changes"

"Embrace the changes and be consumed"

"Test my reality"

"Clinging to insanity"

"Everyone started out a little insane but we learned pretty quick how to fake it"

"We share the same disease"

"We're not cynics, we just dont believe a word you say"

"We're not critics, we just hate it all anyway"

"You're so cynical"

"Narcissistic Cannibal"

"Im coming undone"

"Im starting to suffocate"

"As the tears roll down her face"

"I'd rather be a million miles away"

"Like a whisper in my head"

"My view of heaven looks like someone's hell"

"Breathing while you drown"

"Over and over, Im here again"

"I am a ghost, but only if you remember"

"So save your prayers and promises for something better"

"I scream but only echoes care to answer"

"Or Stay forevermore"

"I sold my soul"

"I cant wait to die"

"I torture you"

"Take my hand through the flames"

"Im just a sucker for pain"

"But if we wait long enough we will be saved"

"Its only a nightmare"

"I know I bite, but I mean well"

"Now im scared to even open my mouth"

"As you can tell from these scars, Im not the man that you knew before"

"The time has come for me to disappear"

"Bloodstains dance in our vision"

"Feeling super suicidal"

"I want the world to go away"

"No time for goodbye"

"Don't put your life in someone's hands, they're bound to steal it away"

"It's hard to imagine, but one day you'll end up like me"

"Let's kill tonight"

"Show them all your not the ordinary type"

"Im telling you, that you are better"

"I want blood, guts, and chocolate cake" ^,.,^

"Why have you forsaken me"

"Shadow of the messenger I should be"

"Broken, they'll be here to set you free"

"Proves you'll never let them set you free"

"All my friends are heathens"

"Cold and alone, it suits you well"

"Why can't you remember that I cannot save you"

"Holding onto something that you just can't reach"

"One last chance to survive"

"Never considered it futile, to carry the weight of your pain"

"You were out of reach, and we're out of time"

"I cower when you're near"

"Its torture"

"The scars born out of fear"

"You can set yourself on fire"

"You're never gonna learn"

"The feelings I hate, will finally drown"

"You're mine"

"I love her anyway"

"You said you always keep your word"

"No happy ending will ever find you"

"Wake up to this nightmare that will never end"

"Pour the gasoline, burning all the fears away"

"Make the pain numb, washing all the stains away"

"you're nothing but a nuisance"

"Theres not a chance in hell, you'll live to tell"

"I should've known better"

"Wake me up inside"

"I see things nobody else sees"

"All alone"

"I know I should let go"

"Death surrounds, my heart beat slowing down"

"The day is my enemy"

"The night my friend"

"Hate the day"

"Praise the night"

"I dont want to be sober"

"Im gonna bring your world crashing down around you"

"I go about things the wrong way"

"With every single kiss, Im going to slit my wrists"

"With every single tear, Im going to say goodbye my dear"

"Phony people come to pray"

"Look at all of them beg to stay"

"This is your time, your life flashing before your eyes"

"Soon enough you will realize, this is goodbye"

"Regret is wasted on me"

"I might just tear you apart"

"Dream a little dream of me"

"Hold me tight and tell me, you'll miss me"

"I hate my guts"


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