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Name: NewLeaf
Location: United Kingdom
Last Seen: Fri, 26 Feb 2016

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Hey there, my name is NewLeaf. I am a practicing Norse Pagan really just starting out and following my heart heart on the path, I began learning the theory of magic and learning about the lore a few years ago, and it lead me to this site. I didn't know until I began this journey that such places existed, and that so many others practiced too! I read on one of the moderators bio's recently that back in his day witches were as, and I quote 'as rare as hens teeth', so this must be a really exciting time to be alive. I find the study of witchcraft and the occult to be the most fascinating, almost like a huge Labarynth of information going on for what seems forever. The alternative look at faith, and for most witches it is a harder path which requires allot more self discipline.

In my earlier years I stayed at a Buddhist college where I completed the foundation and teacher training programs, as well as engaging in a three year closed retreat at Tharpa land in Scotland. Although my study in magic is very new, after a conversation with my father after 18 years I was told that our Ancestry traces back to Scandinavia during the Viking era, after a series of unexpected events I was drawn to this site and to Norse Paganism more, but my journey in learning this is still very new. I started learning about magic and the lore a couple of years ago and one day as I was reading a book I became suddenly drawn to the word Freya. And have since developed a close connection with her, although I am an experienced meditator and have had contact with similar being such as Buddhas, I am still very new to this. Which is a great new thing to learn as I think that this might just be the very thing I have been looking for.

My Studies and Practices

  • Norse Paganism
  • Deity Work
  • Scrying
  • Visualization
  • Channeling
  • Healing Techniques
  • Journeying
  • Pathwallking
  • Herbal Magic
  • Runic Magic
  • Theoretical Study of Lore and History

Please Note; I do not teach simply because I am here to learn, I will always gladly share things and tips on meditation, but as far as magic goes I would be of little help. Its okay to have the wish to be taught, but find the right person for you and know that what your being told is with the knowledge that it is at least credible. And it doesn't even have to be a person, it can be a book, the gods, it can even be your own experience! Sometimes this is the most powerful teacher of all.

My hobbies and general life goings on are much based around nature and being in the outdoors, I love to take long camping trips and walks out in the country. I also love coding, as well as helping developers with early access games. Im also currently training in wildlife conservation and arboriculture. I would love to make new friends here, chat and talk about all things magic related. Its a great thing to share in others experience and Im sure there will be plenty of people here with their own story :)

Thanks for reading x


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