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Name: Wulfclan96
Location: Who Cares
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 26 Dec 2016

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Kik name: Wulf.shadowhunter96 I beileve on the whole supernatural world, The underworld, and all magics. I have Blue and grey eyes, they do change colors, Listed -Blue, Grey, Green, Navy Blue, Silver grey, little red with a mix of brown in one area of my eye color, and goldish yellow-. I have my days where my eye color was a one blue and one green eye. It was cool! My destiny is that of a leader. And I do try and help ppl. I'm a Libra, so I'm the center of balance, just don't like being in the middle. I hate drama, and rumors What I'm like, and favorite things: I like drawing, I'm pretty good. I can dance, sing. I'm loyal to friends and family. I'm selfless, fun, smart, beautiful, trustworthy. HAVE I EVER: Snuck out: Yes Broken a bone: No Cried myself to sleep: Yes Been arrested: No Felt lonely: Yes Been depressed: Yes WHAT'S YOUR: Birthday: 09-28-96 Biggest fear: IDK Relationship: Single and not looking Dream job: Vet Tech and Veterinarian Dream car: 69 Dodge Challenger, 94-99 Dodge Ram Trucks Dream house: Small Farm House DO YOU: Like someone: Nope Love someone: Nope Have a Boyfriend: No Want a Boyfriend: Nope, not at the moment Have tattoos: No Have piercings: On My Ears Party: N/A FAVORITE: Artist: Myself Movie: Underworld Song: Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down TV series: Lost Girl, Vampire Diaries, Originals, Arrow, Charmed, Wolfblood, The Secret Circle, Bitten, Bones, Revenge, The Walking Dead, H2O, Ghost Whispers, and most of Anime Book: House of Night Series Color: Sapphire Blue, Jet Black and Blood Red Animal: Tigers THIS OR THAT: Twitter or Facebook: FaceBook Twitter or Instagram: Neither Facebook or Instagram: FaceBook Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi Tea or coffee: Both Tacos or pizza: Both Winter or summer: Fall and Spring WOULD YOU EVER: Get married: In the Future, most likely not Have kids: In the Future, maybe Swim with sharks: Yea, the ocean as them Eat rotten food: No Marry a foreigner: Idk


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