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Name: dakotanova
Birthday: May 14 2000
Location: Ohio
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Feb 2016

Membership: Member

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im might be young but i know manners and i don't know what magic i have but i want this world to not be corrupt and we need a new economy and im very nice and love magic i don't care if you call me names grow up im did and now im nice and love waiting

some people look at me and i can hear ghost sometimes im not normal but im will defend my friends and my guild if i have too i love peace but also love war i love to have fun and do paper work i don't dream at night but i have a day dreams and i love food

I have magic because when I walk to my room my nose bleed for no reason and some people look at me for no reason also and it weard and

I get headaches from watching TV with low volume

I will serve masters and will obey command and I love snow and love to be in a snow storm but I can not deal with heat very well

Here some thing about me

I'm nice to people

I love animals and flower but if a animal bite me I will act

I love the colors blue and red and purple

I love anime

I love pop and rock and sometimes classical

I'm 15

And I'm taken but if I get broke up with my girlfriend I'm be here and will say if I'm single

And I love computer and I not a flerty person so if you try to flert I might not talk and say no commit

I have a Skype and if you want to be my friend its Dakota_lousha and I need some friends because my friends are mean to me and call me names

And I'm might be weard and when I'm board I draw animals on my skin

And be aware of me for some reason ghost like to fallow me around and sometime I can see a face or too

and I might act like a dog I chase car car and dig and sometimes sleep out side

so if your a dog person you would love me

and i not a wolf but I'm want to learn trantforming spells so i can trans form in my favorite animal wolf

also I'm not civilize I'm emmo sometime and love eating meat

and I'm not a person to eat raw killed animal but will kill theme for animals so they can live dont try to trap also I'm go into the forest and hunt for berrys and animals


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