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Name: MazerSatin
Location: United states, Texas
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 20 Jan 2016

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I been into magick for a really long time. My social media is always filled with information about witches and alchemy ect.

I was really interested ever since I got a book from my Friend about magic, and not the magician kind of magic, like real pagan and witch's magic.

So I started following pages and forum's on social media.

Now I found out about this website and it's amazing.

So many spells!

I was thinking I have the capabilities to do magic because I noticed when I was little I use to see things like stuff coming out of the tv and I could see shadow's in dark places. Like the wash room in my old home. Was very dark but I still saw and felt a presence. So I would tell my grandpa that I saw something and he'd check it out.

I'm not sure if he saw what I saw but I remember very clearly him actually running from where I told him I saw something.

I was probably 8 or 9 but I know it wasn't my imagination because he ran from it.

And I even remember being haunted because my old house belonged to a priests and he dies in that house! My house! I remember waking up one night to growling sound's and even in the day time.

I also remember my bedroom had the most activity.

Some people don't believe in poltergeist, but I do because I remember my pants and shirts. My Clothing came to life. I swear to the universe.

& I remember my pant zipper zipping up and down getting closer to me.

And my CLOTHES just were alive it was life changing experience.

And then I remember my great grandma walking in asking me if I was hungry. And when she opened the door the CLOTHES died or something. They all ended up under my bed. Like something dragged them under as soon as she opened the door.

I was crying so much.

I have had many paranormal experiences.

And I know I am gifted for being able to see and sense these things, so I know I might have a better chance at Magick then normal people.

I can even see Auras. I know magick is real

Its even used in mid evil times.

Like the Emerald tables part of hermetica.

They document magick and whatnot.

I recently started researching about the tablets so i don't have much knowledge on it, but that all the proof I need to believe in magick.

So yeah that's just a little about me and my reason to continue in researching on magick. Also alchemy has a lot to do with the universe and how to unlock it's secrets.

So I'm also looking into that as well.

Wish me luck that I become skilled full in magick.

Maybe I'll be a wizard 5years from now.

And also my picture is from a Graveyard I went to with my friends and this tree looked so petrifying so I took a picture of it.

Scary isn't it.?

Well anyway good bye and good day/ night


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