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Name: Erezedyn
Birthday: Jun 11 1997
Location: Ohio
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 18 Feb 2016

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Personal Bio

Hello, I am Ereze. I have been studying the craft for around 7 years.

  • Do not message me claiming you are some mystical being .
  • Do not message me to flirt. I am engaged, and this is not a dating site .
  • I take great interest in crystals , botany , and enchanting .
  • I am rather proficient in elemental magick , and have found myself attuned best with water and earth .
  • I do not identify with any one aspect of paganism. I simply find the belief in of itself to be the most logical.
  • My spirit totem is the dragon .
  • I am no longer looking for a coven.
  • I am reconnecting with my roots, and looking to find my faith again. I have recently fallen down a very deep pit, and would love to find joy and light in the craft once more as it had in the past.

Chakra tests are always fun, so here( Even though mine is rather inactive .):

Root: under-active


Sacral: under-active


Navel: under-active


Heart: under-active


Throat: open


Third Eye: over-active


Crown: under-active


Onto other things. My interests outside the craft are:

  • Video games.
  • Art, or creating in general. (I am a part time artist.)
  • Tea and cooking good foods. (I am also a vegetarian.)
  • Roleplay and story making. (I am not here to roleplay, so do not engage?)
  • Napping.
  • Cats.
  • Things of medieval or fantasy context, as well as mythology.

Things that disinterest me:

  • Sports.
  • Flirting.
  • Sci-Fi
  • Long reading.
  • Prudish, rude or condescending behavior.
  • Math.
  • Television.

For those who are competant to read the profile (Or at lease skim.) My kik is Erezedyn. I check it a tad more than this, but please don't message me just to "chill."


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