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Name: Mourgyn
Birthday: Oct 24
Location: Upon the rings of Saturnus...
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 28 Aug 2016

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NOTICE: MY CHAT AND MAIL ARE NOT WORKING. IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO CONTACT ME, my kik is GothZyx. HOWEVER, if you choose to message me without ample reason, prepared to be ignored and/or blocked.

ALSO: I have just recently returned from a rather long break, as of today, August 2nd, 2016. I apologize if I have missed anything important during this time.

Speaker: All Hail The Dread Father!

Congregation: HAIL SITHIS!!!


It makes me laugh how half of 14 year olds are trying to act all cute and innocent, and the other half try to seem so cool and mysterious. Nobody cares except the other children like you, now get off the site if you are not serious about REAL magic, this isn't Harry Potter.

95% of teens would freak out if they saw Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers on a B247' building ready to jump off. Copy and paste this in your profile if you are one of the 5% that would bring a bucket of popcorn, a chair, a video camera and yell "JUMP!!!"

Status: Proudly owned. Ready for the last year of high school to begin. I Woudn't Mind - He Is We / The Arena - Lindsey Stirling

Hey, I'm Mourgynne. Yeah it's spelled differently, oh well. I thought my previous account was deleted but it is apparently still up, under the name Cunali. But it's been over a year since I used that account. If you try to speak to me about something stupid prepare for a verbal thrashing. I do not believe in the word "was." Everything that used to be still is, or will be.

So an introduction to me personally:

I'm goth. I dislike "God," but I do not look down upon others who follow him. DO NOT COME AND ASK MY REASONS FOR DISLIKING GOD. I don't mettle in your personal business, so don't try to mettle in mine. I love music and art, and video games! I live to headbang and destroy monsters! I write poetry, songs, and stories. I play violin. I draw a little, mostly sketches or symbols of occults or alchemy to study. I love rock, classical, Japanese, Danish, Russian, German, Irish, goth, and metal music, and I sing all the time. Some of my favourite bands are The GazettE, Louna, Mejibray, Royz, Pantera, Slipknot, System of a Down, Necrowretch, Cradle of Filth, Kamelot, Aiden, Pop Evil, Motionless In White, In This Moment, August Burns Red, Trivium, Motley Crue, Volbeat, Pearl Jam, and All Time Low, to name a very small few. I currently want to study abroad, possibly in the fields of music and philosophy and world history. My favourite colours are deep red and purple. (Black, white, and grey are not colours unfortunately.) I wear mostly black, occasionally grey or dark colours. I'm short and chubby, and I'm extremely (and most of the time annoyingly) perverted. I absolutely love horror and gore, and I'm always attracted to the villains of the story. I'm believed to be an elemental, although I don't know what exactly that entails. I have a strange reaction to the presence and touch of people, and I find comfort mostly in animals, particularly canines. I'll be honest, I believe in "fantasy" creatures. It's a dream of mine to meet a real vampire. I think of myself as pretty kinky, most of the time it's too much for a "normal" male. I have a rather unhealthy obsession with biting and blood, and blood is what I consider my "guilty pleasure." I have the soul of a wolf, and am what's known commonly as "Otherkin." I currently have polytheistic beliefs (and yes I love mythology,) and while that shall always remain so, I am currently studying Luciferianism. Yes, I adore the Fallen Star. If you seriously cannot comprehend the differences between the previous and Satanism, do not even speak to me. Simple as that. Although, I have recently taken to studying LaVeyan Satanism, mainly to satiate my curiosity. I also follow what is known as "The Left-Hand Path." Regardless of if I come across as immature or mature, do not assume anything about me. I am regularly mature, but obviously everyone has their immature moments. I take magic and religion very seriously, however, if you decide to disrespect me or my beliefs, I can guarantee that I will show you the same disdain in return. I am not new to this site, I did take a rather long break however, so forgive anything I may not know or understand currently. I want to meet and interact with an incubus, or pretty much any type of demon. I'm a blunt person, so do not speak to me if you cannot handle it.

Now to my experiences and why I am studying magic and alchemy:

I have always been very aware of and close to spirits, and the "paranormal" is more or less my normal. I have particular interest in human transmutation and simply learning to speak with and possibly befriend the inhabitants of another realm, previously human or not. I don't believe magic to be coloured, it simply depends on the person and their overall intent. As for my personal experience with magic, I don't have much in that regard. Most people tend to think of all otherworldly occurrences and creatures are all in one category: paranormal. I unfortunately am one of those people, although I recognize that not everything is the same as each other. Other than those things, I have interest in astrology, demonology, philosophy, and nightmare/dream magic. I am also quite intrigued by nature magic and animal magic. I tend to utilize my own body and mind to study the reactions of humans, since my physical form is extremely sensitive to other humans. My body tends to feed off of the energy of those around me, which in turn makes me extremely tired while I am at home or otherwise in isolation. I don't particularly care about morals or ethics, because I don't believe in fighting our nature to get what we desire by any means possible. Think of it what you will, I won't be able to muster up one fuck to give. I'm able to soothe a person's emotions by a simple glance or touch, and I'm also able to give my own energy to others who need it. I have lucid dreams which nearly always predict the near future. As to how I'm able to do these things, I truly have no idea. Although the common belief amongst those who know of my gifts is that my spirit has already endured so much pain and suffering that I simply know the easiest and most effective ways of subduing the souls of others. However I cannot accomplish this unless it is in person. I am able to communicate with animals and I have the natural instincts of a wolf, protection and loyalty being the foremost important. I have seen many things that most people after adolescence are unable to see. I find myself constantly studying human interaction and the emotions stirred by words. I do not understand how words have power over someone. My emotions and intentions are always shown through my actions and my body language, and I tend to speak in a very apathetic manner, unless I choose to let myself become attached to you. My mind works in very strange ways. If my body does not convey what my words do, you can assume that I really hate you. I speak always from my heart, and I am very blunt. So don't come to me with problems you may have, it'll simply irritate me and I may or may not ask a daemon to devour your face and soul. Also, I tend to speak mainly to males. My studies tend to pertain to people of the opposite gender, and I just find females excruciatingly irritating. I also am fond of using stones for spiritual purposes, and am quite taken with the study of natural herbs and chemicals. I enjoy studying botany, and I am very much into vampirism.


If light travels millions of years to reach us, are millions of years passing by without our knowledge? This is why I say time is merely an illusion, a man-made mechanism.

Nature does not hold any secrets, only mysteries.

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness." -Aristotle

"His number is six hundred, three score and six."

How can people hate "Satan?" Lucifer was the most beautiful angel, and he was tossed from Heaven because he questioned God's power. Do mortals not fight wars over the question of power? "Holy wars" based upon the idea that one set of humans has the right to force another faction to assume the belief that there is only One who has all power? Human nature is to rebel against power, especially the seemingly all-powerful.

Also, I'm pretty sure that if Lucifer is the most beautiful, there is no way in hell, (no pun intended,) that any mortal could sustain any resistance against him, and if He so desired, I'm almost positive he could turn into your "dream come true." In short, do not look down upon those who admire Lucifer, it is human nature to admire astounding beauty. Personally, I would not even attempt to resist Him should that situation ever arise, I would be too awestruck and honoured.


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