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Name: Nymree
Birthday: May 12
Location: UK
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 03 Dec 2016

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Member

Personal Bio
I'm a new and young witch seeking knowledge and experiences. As I've said, I'm fairly new to the Craft, so patience for my ignorance would be greatly appreciated! If you have any appropriate teachings, ideas or info that you feel I would benefit from and are happy to share, this would also be appreciated and I'm always grateful for shared knowledge and new learning! Either way, I look forward to meeting and working with everyone here :) (Also! I currently have a blog on Tumblr; The Spirituali-Tree, so if you feel interested go ahead and check it out). ------Studied/Studying/Hoping to Study ~ Hellenism ~ Wicca ~ Cornish Witchcraft ~ Green Witchery ~ Tarot ~ Meditation ~ Pendulum Work ~ Ogham --------------------------FREE READINGS------------------------ Free readings are currently CLOSED. However, when they are open again, here are a few things that I ask for you to consider before sending me your questions via private message. 1) What is your question? 2) Do you have any preference in the method of divination used? I can do cartomancy (cards), ogham (runes) and pendulum work, although I am most comfortable with cartomancy. (A preference is not required here, though, and if you have no preference for divination used please state so in your message). Please note: divination should always be taken with a pinch of salt - it only acts as advice and guidance for one possible path you could take, and thus any predictions or suggestions provided are not set in stone. Please also remember that I am doing these readings to gain experience and practice my skills in divination, and although I will provide guidance to the best of my abilities I still have my limits. Readings reflect my perspective and capabilities, so consider this when receiving a reading. Lastly, I will always provide services to the best of my abilities, so naturally each reading can be very time-consuming. I am a student, and dedicate much of my time to my studies both spiritual and academic, so it may take me some time to respond to any reading requests. Any patience for these delays will be met with much gratitude and appreciation. Blessed Be, ~ Nymree-Ambrosia


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