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Name: Liara_Chan
Birthday: Oct 29 2002
Location: Where light and dark meet
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 15 Sep 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I have a question for everyone who clicks on my profile.

Why are human beings fighting instead of talking?

Lay down you guns and disarm you explosives. If we all just listened to one another planet Earth would be such a calm place.

My name is Liara. I suppose I should just put down basic information, for now.

My horoscope is Scorpio.

My favorite colors are darker shades of red.

I play FNAF, gaurd all the nights!

I shall not cast spells for others.

I am interested in dragons and nekos.

The magic I have chosen to study for now is nature magic.

I may seem timid at times but if you irritate me I might get a bit aggresive.

I welcome all walks of life.

If you are bored and wish to converse then please feel free to message me.

I am pushed down by society, so no rude comments.

I would like master for healing and nature magick if someone is willing to teach me.

I have a minor issue with sounding somewhat formal, I am still working on divding fomality with everything else.

I accidently use big words like 'paraphanalia' instead of 'stuff'.

I love all sorts of mythical creatures.

I am gifted in art and I annoy my art teacher by drawing anime instead whatever we are learning.

I do not use abbreviations that much.

I have an older brother and a younger brother.

I love poems, but not necessarily good at writing them (but I am getting better).

I have watched the first season of Tokyo Ghoul, still don't understand how Kaneki can get smashed through a brick wall and Rize got rekt by construction pipes.:P

I love anime.

I do tend to be a bit shy but I do open up after a while.

I like roleplaying and I have made 4 roleplay OCs.

I am a bit of a weido but aren't we all?

I weigh 88 pounds and I am 5'1".

I have shoulder length hair.

I like horror novels.

I enjoy a good creepypasta story every now and then.

I play Clash of Clans.

I like toast. XD

I might swear but I am sure everyone swears so it doesn't matter.

I love to sew and I want to make cosplays when I am older.

If you have not realized it yet. This is a huge wall of text.

I don't know why I am still typing.

I do not mind getting suggestions for drawings and stuff.

I do not care about common core crap, not everyone is instantly a winner stop acting like it.

I am not an emo or a goth or a prep, I am me, the only me that there will ever be.

I have a habit of calling hybrids "halfies" so just a warning.

I can NOT stand au gratin potatoes.

If your life is screwed up I can be that shoulder for you to lean on.

I love talking about Vocaloid.

I have a very messy room.(my floor is covered in fabric and anime pictures)

I want to move to England when I am an adult.

I still do not know why am still typing.

I love chocolate.

I can sense spirits ocassionally, even though ot scares me.

That is all.

Good day, or night, I don't care.


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