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Name: Python89
Birthday: Dec 30 1989
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Nice to be here, my name is Willis Miles and I am a coding Enthusiast, and practicing Witch of over 16 years. For those new to magic and wanting to understand how it works, simply look at my photos tab and zoom into the image, when you ponder its contents you will soon discover what the basic answers to life and magic are, if its still too small I'll explain it now below. But if you can visibly see it, its better to deduce the information it gives.

A lesson in Love, Life and Magic using Python explained.

At the top we have : Import universe

Import time

Import space

(This basically tells the program what to import into the code so it interacts with the program, in its working functional form you would have input import os and import os time rather than what I put instead, but for means of educating you, I have changed the terms. In this case to be able to interact with anything, or for matter to. We need a universe which requires space and time to interact and move around in)

The start defined

Usually in Python it operates in no linear order, all that said im explaining this is as a logical process. But in the grander scheme of things, we need to define what the start of everything is. Since the answer is not definitive, we can only go off what science tells us so far, hence the initial and linear moments which are defined as expansion, formation and the creation of life.

Life defined

Looking for a definitive answer for life?, SYNTAX ERROR! This is what happens in Python when you incorrectly type code in, it does not understand what your telling it. It will point out what line where the mistake is, but not what the mistake is.

I felt this was a good example to represent the question of defining what life is, there is no current definitive answer (if your looking for one singular all defining truth) but there are many answers, not all of them are right, but part of that bigger truth.

Magic defined

The first line is asking to define what magic is, in python it does not give meaning to words how like we do, so in Python we can use any word and then store variables associated with that word. So to define magic, I first thought that to define it, I asked myself what are the requirements of it? I came up with, Energy and Intent. Belief is a key ingredient but at this most basic level, belief follows on from intent, because that needs to be there first in order to be able to cognize the mind to think or believe anything!

Next I told the program what white and black magic was using the intent variable to define them, since magic has no actual color at its base, it is us that gives it color by infusing it with our intent, so if the intent is bad, the program will pint 'black magic' and if the intent is good, the program prints 'white magic'. Another couple of variables I stored in the def magic loop, is a yes and no variable. The yes and no being statements on whether something is 'believed' or not, which then follows onto the next lines of the code.

The end defined

There are two things that human beings can never remember, can you guess what those two are? Ill leave you to ponder that while I type these next few words out, because this is quite easy so you should get it. Still haven't got it? Okay...

We can never recollect being born, or dying. But we remember what's in between, I don't know how much of my thoughts on this are true, but I suspect that if we were meant to know we would remember, instead we were meant to remember the middle. I know what it is like wanting to know the answers to everything, but it is better to look within and see the answers about you, they are much more easy to access I can assure you!

Hence why the program at the end prints SYNTAX ERROR > Unknown.

A Final Note

The important bit is right here and now during our lives, to understand the universe is like an ant trying to understand how to build a TV.

This quote comes from my brother, who is a master programmer with severe autism. When I say that though, I am trying to explain to you he is very clever without saying to you he is very clever, im just glad we live in a world now that accepts it for its brilliance rather than its limitations, iv'e grown up with it too. Although mine is very mild, I completely understand the social struggles and personal barriers as well as the many benefits of having a re-wired brain, I am recently working to combat these. My message however is clear, if you read this you will understand. And then in time be able to define for yourself what is important and what isn't.

If you want to know more about me, please just drop me a line anytime. Thanks for reading.


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