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Name: Sefoira
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 30 Dec 2017

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"Tell us your darkest and deepest secrets and let us still like you " - .xull

I am very protective of my friends and family, both here and in real life. On SoM, The Immortal's Keep is my family and I love being a part of such an inclusive coven.

I have a love-hate relationship with this website. I have been on and off multiple times in the past 6 years or so!

I keep deleting my account, yet my love always makes me crawl back here.

Why am I back?

Because for anyone who is genuinely dedicated to their path, this website offers true guidance and value!

My previous accounts on SoM : Moonlit_Mist, Zeisha, Layla.Aysel, Selenah, Aeradiaa

Previous Covens : Baying Wolves, Second Sight, The Immortal's Keep

Why am I here? Why I have chosen this path?

Well, aren't we all just trying to explore who we are? Through the path, I am able to better understand myself and my surroundings. It gives me immense peace of mind and a greater control over my emotions. It brings me closer to the spiritual plane. It makes me happy!

I have been studying about the pagan and neo-pagan beliefs for about 8 years now.

Things I am good at : Tarot reading, Dream recall, Meditation, Empathy, Spell casting basics and Visualization

Things I want to learn: Elemental Magick, Mythology & Folklore, Spells and Candle Magick

I like reciting chants, their vibrations create such a beautiful energy around us!

I am a believer and I feel that anything is possible.

Feel free to message me for any help, be it related to your chosen path or your personal life. I am a good listener, and I understand that sometimes we need to vent out our emotions in details in order to regain our sanity. I went through a phase when I was badly broken but I had absolutely no body to talk to. So I know the importance of the same. Plus, sometimes talking to a complete stranger is easier than talking to the ones we love.

So yes, I'm here if you need someone to open up to. You can message me anytime for genuine reasons. And I mean it!

Also, if someone can teach me spells or tricks on how to improve spell-casting, or any other field of interest, let me know!

Blessings and Good Wishes for all!

*So Mote It Be*


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