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Name: jemwicca
Birthday: 1995
Location: United Kingdom
Last Seen: Tue, 09 Feb 2016

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University student in the UK, in my final year. Studying 16th to 17th century history of witchcraft and the devil, along with some modern history. Been spiritual for as long as I can remember, identified myself as Wiccan for a good 8 years, now I'm just less into categorisation so 'spiritual' works better for me, personally :)

Personally, I am saddened when I look at today's world. Social media (amongst the many forms of self promotion, mostly online, today) seems to have made everybody completely self absorbed and disconnected from basic human feeling. Nobody takes the time to be in the physical presence of people, really listen, enjoy their company. The world seems also to have abandoned nature, mostly for their own aesthetic purposes, or as a result of laziness.

My aim in life is to separate myself from this modern carelessness and disconnection and return to the simple joys and power of nature. I have always felt a deep connection with nature, and the countryside and the seaside have forever been my tranquil and safe haven. This affinity to nature is what led me to spirituality (Wicca) at such a young age and I have never been able, and never wanted to, let it go.

Nature is beautiful and eternal, and magick itself. My magickal work is harnessing this eternal power, the connection is the most incredible feeling in itself, the results are a wonderful gift.

My first spell, so to speak, was a simple summoning. The basic idea was tuning into visualisation and eventually achieving manifestation. The particular one I did was 'summoning clovers'. After years of meditation, magickal study and connecting with the earth I thought it would be simple. However it took me a further 6-7 months of sitting out in the grass, whatever the weather (and the dullness of British weather is joke worthy)... but finally I opened my eyes, after what felt like the millionth time of visualising a four-leafed clover slowly emerging from the earth in front of me, and there it was! The most perfect four-leafed clover I had ever seen!! After that I did it many more times and I now have many pressed 'lucky clovers' to show for it!

People may call it luck, or coincidence, but if you didn't know the chances of finding a four-leafed clover (amongst the regular 3 leafed) is 1 in 100000, and I currently have over 20 of them!

The moral of that story is that even the simplest of magick takes continued perseverance and dedication, but even the simplest of results can change your perspective on the beauty and power of the earth and of yourself.

I can assist with Runes, herbal magick, earth magic, the lines between dark and light (or balack and white) magic, tarot (to a degree), earth connection, elemental affinities, etc. just feel free to ask!!

*Blessed Be & Love and Light to all* )o(


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