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Name: darknesswil
Location: Undead land
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 10 Feb 2016

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I study black magic an astral projection meditation spells i will help if needed 3 year spell caster 1 year study of astral projection also chakras there is 7 main charka in the human body but can't physically see them unless you have psychic ability I know the laws in the danger of spells I'm especially nice so give me a mail lol Need a spell i might have one :) intellectual power is our minds we are only as powerful as we believe . Crown chakra 45% Third eye chakra 84% Throat chakra 76% Heart chakra 99% Solar Plexus Chakra 94% sacral chakra 66% Root chakra 77% There are many different meditation techniques you can do this is not the only way to have an astral projection experience imagine purple lightning coming from your spine then you can feel the electricity running through your body as you become more and more powerful each day do this technique each day at least once a day and you start to have experiences some might say this might be a phenomenon but me I say we all have psychic powers but some of us choose to use them and some of us choose not to use them because they believe it is a saint . Listen to these idiots they know nothing about real power you cannot be a creature there's no such thing as werewolves mermaids words with supernatural powers which is with supernatural powers but if they were that would be awesome but our world would be completely destroyed by violence in the world just too much chaos in the world for any of that to be real all that would be extraordinary its fantasy not going to say that we can't do some supernatural things but flying and things like that would probably have to be learned through the Satan anyway don't ask me stupid questions I have two black magic books they consume spells and information what the heck's your enemies and cursed them many things vampires vampires are real but basically attack you for your energy and your body that's what they drain not blood not anything like that. Chinese zodiac sign ox normal zodiac sign Taurus


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