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Name: TheRedLady
Location: The USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 24 Oct 2016


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Hello and welcome to my bio!

Subjects I am knowledgeable on: fire magick, spell casting, using essential oils for magickal purposes, farmilliars, runes, dream interperations, love spells, healing spells and chants, latin chants, Astral and etheric projection, curses and hexes, binding magick, candle magick, weather magick, Hecate, elemental magick, The Horned God and so on.

What I am currently studying: tarot, cord magick, new methods of physical and emotional healing.

I will probably not cast a spell for you; however, I love sharing and receiving knowledge so I would be happy to offer my advise on a situation or recommend a spell/potion.

A little about me:

I am an empath, and am working to achieve the full potential of my empathic powers.

My sun sign is a leo and I resonate with it greatly.

My spiritual identification is pagan; my goddess is Hecate (the goddess of crossroads, witchcraft, and darkness) and my god is the horned god (god of hunting, nature, death and sex) I am very close with them and consider myself their child. I also work closely with the five elements; fire, water earth, air and spirit.

My element is fire.

I practice witchcraft and have been for years; I do not consider myself "dark" or "light"

I write poetry, songs and books. I sing, play the piano, and was a competition dancer. I love every genre of music with the exception of country, but my favorite genres are: electronic dance music, electro swing, rock and roll, and I also adore Lana Del Rey. My favorite movie is The Great Gatsby and my favorite books are Looking for Alaska by John Green, Till we Have Faces by C.S Lewis and The Masters pet on wattpad.

Side note: thank you to all the people who hurt me. You made me that much stronger, that much better. I am not the person you used to know anymore, I am a person you will never have the privelage of knowing. But I don't hate you, or wish harm upon you. Although you dont deserve it, I wish you the best in life.

Favorite quotes:

"A witch ought never be frightened in a dark forest, because she should be sure in her soul that she is the most terrifying thing in that forest."

"I am not superstitious. I am a witch. Witches are not superstitious. Witches are what people are superstitious of."

"I am rather fond of ghosts and spirits, it's the living that tick me off."


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