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Name: Bluemoon666
Birthday: Aug 22 1996
Location: Hell
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 06 Jan 2016

Membership: Member

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Since my heart is Strong

I do not fear Winter

Since my wings are Black

I do not fear the Night

Since my eyes are Black

I do not Fear the Sun

Since my voice is Strong

I don't not Fear

Even Death

BY: Mark Hinton

My name is BlueMoon666 and my favorite bird is the crow

My favorite color is black because it goes with everything

I believe in Satan, yes that means I do Black magic

However when I am not doing my black magic I will sometimes do White magic. I started learning about any kind of magic when I was 16 years old so 3 years from now. Black magic has always interested me ever since then. I am still knew to magic because none of my family members don't really believe in it. What got me hooked is my ex boyfriend, he taught me everything I know to this day, but then it ended because we went our separate ways for school sakes. I want to continue to learn more of magic because magic is a gift if you know how to use it.

Some things about myself are:

I'm very active, I am in the sport Track and field and I'm running for college

Night time is when all my powers awake, therefore it is hard for me to fall asleep when I need it most

I am learning my elements which are fire and water, whenever I'm around them I can feel my energy rise like it's reborn again.

I'm not really a go out and get friends type of person, I like to keep to myself because after all your mistakes are your mistakes, and when your in a group sometimes things can get a little rough. Being myself and being who I am is who I want to be, nobody will change me and if people don't like , then the door is around the corner for you.

Peoples impressions or opinions don't bother me if there're rude who cares if there're nice that's a bonus

However I do have low temper, stupid people, things whatever if I don't like you, or the things you're doing then ill tell you politely

I'm in college I go out of state and no I'm not popular, like I said I'm a stick to myself person.

My favorite holiday is Halloween, scaring people is so much better then getting candy

My favorite food is Mexican, I come from a Mexican family, yes I know how to make tamales :)

However I'm Hispanic, white and I don't know Spanish :o

I am a big believer on things happen for a reason because you create them by yourself. Everybody knows what they are capable of doing it's your actions that matter and how you handle your problems.

My favorite moto is my graduation moto

Be the change you want to be in the world

That is very true, after all you're your own person and nobody knows you but YOU.

Poetry is my thing, I love to listen to it and to sometimes even rewrite it.

my weakness is telling people they're wrong or keeping my mouth shut, I'm also not a person that will tell you what you're doing wrong or right, you do what you wanna do however I will tell you if need be, I'm a strait forward person.

My Pet Peeves are:

People who show up late, to me your taking up everybody' time

People who don't act themselves, you don't have to change after all we're all human

People who don't have a sense of humor, its ok to laugh even at your own jokes sometimes

People who disrespect their family. Family is all you have when noboy else is around so treat them with respect, and tell your parents how much you love them, their not going to be around much longer

And DISHONEST people, if you lie to me simple as that we cant be friends, we wont even talk. I hate liars and to e that just shows you're a negative in my life and I don't need that type of person in my life.

Anyways that's some things about me I don't really like to "brag" about myself, So...

Have scary adventures and may the crows guide your nights

make spells spells spells be your favorite fights

Good or bad spells are fun

Just make sure you clean up when you're done

Always remember karma's a bitch

so make sure you don't end up as a snitch

Be the best you can be

and set your loved ones free

Devil's and angel's come to you

to see which one you will lose

Everybody look out

There's a new crow that's about to SHOUT!!!

Sincerely BlueMoon666

P.S If you message me I will not cast a spell for you if the subject is hi or how are you etc.... If you want to have a conversation then put hi if its a spell I need the subject

Also Don't mess with someone you don't really know, the word backfire is my favorite word.

Anyways chow


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