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Name: Emma3215
Location: South Africa
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 24 Jun 2016

Membership: Member

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Warning: Emo Neko, (girls), he will ask you out and date you and pretend to love you, but he is just using you, he will ask for nudes and all of that, he will say 'I'm going to kill/cut/hurt myself' don't believe him, he just wants people to pity and feel sorry for him, trust me I know. And he will manipulate you, so please becareful, his name is Tyler Bean. He might make a new account or use a different one, but pleas be careful

Hi, my name is Emma, I like to study magic. The magic that I study is energy magic, I am just studying it. I love demonology. I also like meditation.

Comeback666 is my big brother(not blood though)

I don't like people nagging me to do things for them. I don't do things for anyone. If I can, I will try to help. But I'm not here to do things for you. I will block you.

More things about me:

Relationship Status: I am taken, please don't ask me to date you, because I'm not here looking for a boyfriend, I'm here to study magic and that's it, don't flirt with me please and I love my boyfriend

Favorite colours: black and green

Favorite movie: The Mortal Intraments: City of Bones

Favorite song: 17 crimes by AFI

Favorite Series: Constintine, and Sleepy Hollow

What I really enjoy doing: writing poems, drawing, being outside (mostly in the woods/forest, in trees), I love the night time. I also like to sing. I love magic

What I hate: Twilight, people who hurt people/animals I love. The vampire diaries.

I love to be with friends and family. If anyone evan tries to hurt me or my family, they will pay, and properly at that. I am protective over people I love. I love storms.

Anyone is more than welcome to message me, I don't bite:)

Well that's it for now. If anything else I can think of, I will put it here. Bye for now

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