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Name: Gothicmoon
Birthday: Mar 6 1996
Location: Sweden
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 28 Dec 2015

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Personal Bio
Hello everyone. I am going to tell you about My story. When i Was a Child My mom beat me and did drugs. My father well he did drugs too but i Dont remember that he beat me. My life have Been really cruel. My whole family Almost every member of family do believe in ghosts,witches,wiccans,pagans,demons and other stuff like that. I have felt energy Almost everywhere When i Was a Child. I am a natural Born witch, i think i started religon wicca for Two years ago. I am Also a leader over a coven. Yes i am a wiccan high priestess. I am Also a Satanic gothic girl. When i Was 13 i think? I had a curse on me a vampire curse . I had that curse on me four years. But its gone now and i am so happy about that. When i had that curse on me it felt like i Was in the spirit world but im not sure if i Was that it only felt like that. It feels like i cant control myself sometimes When i wanna throw a curse on someone or Steal someones energy. Maybe i am Also an energy vampire too. I Dont know. I Dont wanna scare anyone now but i feel My energy is so strong that i Can Even kill someone with My energy Even if i Dont cast a spell. I am so scared that i cant Even control myself. I am not bad or on good side.

Study: black magick,white magick,blood magick,egypt magick,tarots,i ching,potions, amulets, sex magick,Love magic, voodoo,book of shadows,demons, money spells,poppet magick,Ouija ,pendulum,crystal magick,energy magick,candle magick,shadow magick,herbs,oils,kitchen witch,hedge witch,sea witch,hexes.zozo,incubus,succubus,spirits, telekinesis,shaman,chakras,summon,vampires,energy vampires,psychic vampires.

Element - water.

Trumph card - moon

PS: i Dont cast spells for some people,only for My coven,friends,family.

But i can try to find out what your element is or your trumphcard,Maybe both? If you want to of course. I Love mails Alot.

Likes: hellsing,creepypasta,witchcraft,being a witch,moon,night,gothic,Satanic,animals,horror movies.

Dislikes:foes,idiots,perverts.pop music,rap music.

Favorite color: black,blood red,purple.

Favorite creepypasta: smile dog,jeff the killer,slenderman,clockwork,laughing jack,username666.

I think i Almost know if jeff the killer is real, yes i think he is real, i Dont know if slenderman is real,but they say that he is more Than 1000 years Old and someone have draw on a Wall in egypt of slenderman.

Blessed be! )O(


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