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Name: CursedShadow
Birthday: Jul 23 1996
Location: Fob Bottom, TX
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 05 Oct 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Before you message me, spell your words correctly and use the right syntax. If you don't, GO BACK TO SCHOOL. Or if you're dyslexic, download a Speech to Text app and use spell check. If you do neither, you're either lazy, an idiot, or maybe both. If you speak another language, I'm okay with that. I'll use a translator.

Antes de que el mensaje yo, deletrear sus palabras correctamente y utilizar la sintaxis correcta. Si no lo hace, VOLVER A LA ESCUELA. O si usted es disl?xico, descargar una aplicaci?n de voz a texto y utilizar el corrector ortogr?fico. Si lo hace tampoco, o eres perezoso, un idiota, o quiz?s ambas. Si usted habla otro idioma, estoy de acuerdo con eso. Voy a usar un traductor.

Hello! My name is Dalton, and I had been affiliated with shadow spirits ever since I was fifth-teen. But the problem is, I have a hard time learning how to use my gift, and I want to use it for good deeds. And maybe teach undesirable individuals a lesson or two. That part I think would be funny.

No, I do not intend to make animal sacrifices unless you plan on eating it. You kill it, you eat it. It's how I was raised, and I intend to keep it that way. And no, I am not going to get involved in Satanic rituals, and there are good reasons for that.

Anyway, I would like to learn how to use my "shadowy" gift and learn how to harness it for good purpose, and maybe learn other spells, to. And don't get me started on Love Spells, Mind Control Spells, and/or Voodoo. I am the type of person who believes in free will, and I don't plan on taking that away from anyone.

Can a demon beat an angel? Probably not. For example, if you were to put them both in a wrestling stadium, chances are the angel is going to destroy the demon as if it were a game of Rock Paper Scissors. That is, unless God shuns him/her as fallen angels, just like he did to Lucifer (this original name means "light") or what he is now called Satan. Eew! Don't you hate the sound of that? Hey, fallen angels are still lucky to beat a demon.

Oh, wow! I just found an excellent open source encyclopedia for newbies! Let me give you Teal Swan's youtube URL. It helped me a lot with certain information I need. If you are going to email her or comment, please be courteous to her as she appears to be a nice young lady.

Got some Wiccan ritual or party planned out? I found a perfect "CD" for you. Just go to YouTube and and search for "Taliesin Orchestra: Anthem". Not all songs from the Album are ritual suitable. Wrapped Around Your Finger is probably the best one to play. Or you can just simply search for Wiccan Music. I'll post some links here. Whatever you do, DON'T GO THE FORBIDDEN FOREST!!!

Uh-oh! Got unbalanced chakras? No problem. I found site that should do the trick. Hmm... where can I get those gemstones? I might make a suit specifically designed to map all chakras with all the necessary gems placed on top of them! Here is the link ; (What are you? A blonde?! The link is not clickable on this bio! Just highlight it with? your mouse pointer, right click it, click on copy, and paste it on the address bar on the top of this window!)

Oh, and don't mistake my kindness for weakness. For example, if you mess with me on the street, chances are you are going to find yourself unable to lift your forearm (meaning you will either get shot [rifle, legally owned] or stabbed at the lower tendon of your bicep), and it doesn't matter what gender you are. If you are human, you are equal as long as you are physically capable of doing what full grown adult can do (e.g, sixteen or older unless disabled).

Aura Color: Yellow

Physical Profile:

Black hair (was dark brown before I got cursed by shadow spirits)

Brown eyes with slight half moon yellow tinge on the bottom of my eye color

Naturally Pale Skin (almost impossible to get a tan without being burned. It's my natural skin color. =P)

5'4" (I hate being short)

Things I like:

Favorite song- Sweet Dreams by Emily Browning ( )

Dark Colors (or white)

Animals (except pests)

Raprock (example: Deuce 9lives [Caution! Profanity Ahead! Also changes your personality.] )

Things I really hate:

People who think they are better and badder than everyone else and don't have to play by the rules.

People who don't care about anything but themselves

Abusive individuals

Main Interest: Seeing magic combined with today's technology. Yes, I'm a tech head.

Got problems with loading SOM on your computer? Random popups after you click on something? No problem. Just download Tor browser for whatever device you're using, and make sure you have Firefox. Tor won't work without it. I've been having problems getting into this website using just a regular browser, and Tor has helped a lot. Drawback? You automatically log off from all sites after you exit Tor. But don't ask me how to get into .onion sites here. This ain't The Hidden Wiki.


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