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Name: Triangulated
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Welcome to my bio,

'Love Unconditionally', a famous composer named John Powell once quoted.

"If there was ever a name worthy of the word love it would be unconditional".

And this is very much how I apply my heart to the world and everything I do, it is the secret, the mystery and the answer all in one.

But what is this secret many people ask, as I asked myself so many times. Many of us get easily confused as to what is the right path or what is this great secret the mystics through the ages were keeping hidden, the first misconception is thinking that it is some single strand of information. When what it is, in fact is a progression from the evolution of your human perspective or consciousness, and bringing your consciousness to a higher state of being. This is something that is taught and reflected in all the cultures and religions of the world today in one form or another, there are aspects to the mystics that are kept secret for a good reason though, and that is magic can be dangerous.


I like to help, love to help and be of service as a light worker. But please respect that I do not cast spells or perform readings, I feel that just goes beyond ethical boundaries, messages about being a vampire or trying to role play will be deleted. Apart from that I much prefer good conversation as long as its sensible and related to the site, you have my undivided attention.


About me

I have over 15 years of spiritual experience and systematic study of these things. Starting with sects in Christianity, during my earlier years through either being at Christian schools or learning about other forms of Christianity through them. In my late teens I attended a Buddhist college for 6 years back in 2007 where I completed the foundation and teacher training programmers, covering all aspects of Buddhist meditation, mahamudric meditation, Tantric ritual and empowerment. In my more recent years I have been following Paganism and Northern tradition Shamanism, engaging in deity work as well as covering some aspects taught in Gardenarien Wicca from cartomancy, herbal magic, scrying, runes, sigils, tarot, potions and Knott magic, together with Sabbats during the wheel of the year. I don't follow anything in particular or like to give a name to what I believe in, but if anything its love and the love of bringing that higher conscious aspect of ourselves into our present state of being!

Currently my focus is mainly occupied with ritual and ceremonial magic, it is something I have grown very fond of as I can pretty much incorporate the things I have done over the years and express them in ritual form, which is exactly how most Buddhist, Christian and Pagan rites are performed. Incorporating high magic into these will help to enhance this progressive spiritual progress, for a long time I thought enlightenment was just a stopping point, but it is really only the start! In my spare time I like to go for long walks in the country, read like most do, I do enjoy a good Terry Pratchet! Chess, programming and all sorts. I am also training in environmental conservation and forestry conservation with the royal horticultural college, I also hold a foundation degree and two college diplomas in forensic and applied sciences.


Starting out

When starting out it can as I said before, be confusing as the labyrinth of the internet will display a vast spectrum of religions, faiths, beliefs, symbols, morals, this name and that name being thrown at you. But don't let this put you off or make you confused as to "which path is the right one", all of them are just as valid as the other. They may well be different, but all carry the same message, someone once told me a good analogy for the steps towards enlightenment but before she did she said,

"If you expect to have everything, then you wont get it. That is the attitude of children to have everything provided for you, and the universe isn't going to do it, for it can't force you to!"

Progressing in anything requires effort, and without that it is like a man trying to cure his/her illness simply by reading medical instructions! And progressing certainly with magic and spiritual enlightenment requires the mindset of an adult, not to be boring, but to accept the responsibility we have over our lives, and our spiritual paths. When we adopt this attitude we really then begin to take seriously whatever it is we are trying to achieve, and then go about the strategy of achieving it. Starting out can vary very much depending on what you want to do, it all depends on what you want out of life. But whatever it is, meditation will be the key to it, to bring your mind and spiritual body under control will be the first thing you will need to do, and keep doing it too! I once thought that (in the Sense of enlightenment and the spiritual path) is that there was a stopping point, when really this is only the begriming You have to keep working at it and it only gets better and you only keep realizing more.

The analogy I was then told which made me see the whole picture in terms of the various faiths, practices and various doctrines out there is to think of it like a mountain. We all start at the base, some of us may live in the east of it, and look very different to those in the west. And may even dislike each other, but as we move up, climbing into the higher planes of consciousness, we start to see one another more until we all all stood on the top together. For those of us on the spiritual path, this is very much the mountain we are all climbing now, we may start out on very differing paths, but they all inevitably lead to the same place.

After this have a good look around, see what history has to say and teach. That is always a good reference point I have used when researching a topic, you see very interesting behavior going on through the ages, to just give one example of that. Political stance and structure greatly affects the spiritual development of a civilization, in that the more spiritual and less materially focused the rulers are, the more the country thrives and grows as a whole. Unlike how it seems in our current times where there is more concern for the latter, but the younger generation are waking up more now to the spiritual aspect, and as result a gradual shift is taking place. Which way it goes is dependent on all of us, but starting out on any spiritual path will help to sway this balance in favor of a loving, spiritual and socially conscious earth. So have a window shop and see what you feel drawn to, it is how my path has gone, but never stop learning the basics and keep meditating, not just to get better at something, but because it is healthy for you too! There are also really great articles on the site that contain a plethora of knowledge, the link below will take you to the articles section, enjoy!

But not just basics on the spiritual sense either, have some actual physical changes and improvements go on in your life too, which will greatly aid you in all your endeavors are;

  • Having plenty of sleep
  • Eating a balanced diet
  • Drinking 2 - 4 liters of water every day
  • Exercise
  • Compassion
  • Now this last one is in my opinion very important, being compassionate to others is bound to make you feel good in some way as well as sharing love (which is the greatest thing that can ever be shared), but it doesn't also just mean to others, but first and foremost to yourself too. Being kind to yourself in the sense of forgiving past deeds and transgressions, doing things to make yourself feel good as well as taking care of the above.



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