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Name: AlvaProxy
Location: Florida
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 08 Dec 2015

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Hello. I have been to this site for a long time. I came here to learn and share knowledge as well make friends. I am a spiritual satanist and plan to do a lot in life to change the world.


just say hi or send hateful comments

try to make me turn you into a fictional character

force me to letting you join my group if you are under 17

ask for me to do a spell for you

I like to share what i know and help but i will not do things for you. I merely open a door and expect you to walk alone.

BIO: i was born with medical conditions that resulted in many problems. I was bullied and had problems with understanding reality. I wanted to die cause of being afraid of everything. I could see things not many could see as well. Later in life i met a satanic witch that taught me a lot that i know now today. I was drawn to satanism because i shared a common view. I questioned god and Catholics/Christianity and decided to do research. I was scared and didn't know whether to be an atheist or simply not worship any deity. I went to JOS and got influenced into their belief but later saw their true plans. Which leads me here right now leading my own group of followers.

I stand as a man with a dream. I want to spread truth and equality and abolish our current government to form a new one that serves the people. I believe in a direct democracy and hope that my followers will become stronger and will rebuild as well eliminate all ideals of power so we can find a neutral standpoint. I believe that the true evil lies in the false knowledge that Catholics and Christians have spread across the globe. They have forced slavery corruption and death. They tell you that you must serve god or burn for all eternity. I see it as a mental indoctrination to make you a slave to their god. Not just that but they use that method to blame satan as well satanists of our problems when the truth is they just want to keep you blinded from the truth. I believe a lot of you are good people and make choices to help people and do what feels right. But i see that the true enemy has made you think that believing that if you do what god says you will find a better place such as a heaven. But what good is it to go somewhere better when all of us have habits and continue to make mistakes. I have read both the new and old testament and i see that people think that what has happened years ago was over. You are wrong. People who follow their god today still support discrimination and slavery and manipulate you to believe that those like us who are trying to make a change are pawns of the devil. They want to use their religion so they can feel special about themselves and ignore the fact that we will all die someday.

Its crazy how Christians are so confident in their beliefs when many lack the knowledge and don't see the hypocrisy in their religion. They have spread like a disease and have inflicted their ideas on other humans. They use the new testament as an excuse of why they are righteous when many even today can be cruel and close minded animals. They have made slaves out of other nationalities and have turned most of our race as minorities. They truly are evil in many ways. pushing those away cause of their differences and going as far as conspiracies to brain wash us and make us mental slaves. they will tell you everything that's wrong with you and your beliefs but wont mention their own problems or even admit they are wrong. I heard a story once.

"A blind man walking through the forest and heads to the a hole. Another man watches. The blind man falls. Who is to blame?"

we sit and watch our world suffer and those who are blind are too afraid to change or even find truth. Many are as well blinded by ambition and corrupted groups. That must end. if we continue to not act we all will face destruction.

I hope to guide those who are willing to follow me so we wont find faith in religion but in each other and wont need a god to solve our problems. I hope that when the time comes we can grow as a better nation and destroy the evil that lies within our home and physically and spiritually ascend higher. It is your choice to follow or ignore. I wont judge you. But i think it is about time this our nation changes and as well how we live as a race.

If you'd like to join us message me here. if youd like to talk to me somewhere else just message me and I will give you my contacts.


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