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Name: Pana
Birthday: Jun 5 1999
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 08 Dec 2015

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Greetings my friends, This is not my birth given name but a name they renamed me to cleanse my spirit and to bring it back from the darkness.I have been through a lot in life,I know it all the pain and suffering.You may call me Pana,even if it isn't my real name.It is the name to protect me.I haven't been here long,just for couple days infact I do not know any spells/magick so if you will to help me,teach me,and guide me to a path that fits me I will be more than happy.I am 16 years of age,born in the year of the rabbit on September,the day of 29.I was only 7 months when my mother gave birth to me,so I was born early.If I were to be a full 9 month I would be born somewhere in November.Given life to me before time came was hard for my parents.I was hospitalized for almost 2 months to breathe normally but still my brain isn't as mature as most teens or kids my age.I have a hyper,happy,and very friendly personality.Ive always wanted to learn about magick and spells. -the spells/magick to beauty and love -herbs and meditation to cure and heal. -dark and light magick Above are magic/spells I would like to be taught.If anyone are interested in taking me as a student,I would be more than happy and willing to do my best to succeed. I live in Minnesota in USA.So I can only participate as a student for you during night time.During the day I go to school and Have to watch over my siblings when I get off school.Night time is a good time to practice spells/magick and also the only time I can do it alone.If you ought to teach and help me out,just give me directions step by step and I will tell you results when I have done so. Extras about me: I am a very emotional and sensitive person.My feelings are not for you to mess with,when I am angry I will just ignore you.Do not flirt with me or I will immediately block you.I take things seriously most of time but I like to make funny jokes for fun :) I am a music person although I have the voice of a chicken. :3 I love nature but worms and bugs disgust me.Trees and friends are my hobbies


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