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Name: Rae333
Location: In my own little world
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 20 Oct 2016

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My backup is Rae2

Personally: Well, let's see. I've been called insane, crazy, and weird. Half the time by me. Oh, did that make you sad? Don't be! Never said it was bad. I'm crazy and weird in the BEST WAY POSSIBLE. Anyway, right now my brain cannot think so I will do this in a different form rather than paragraphs.

Name: I don't give this out unless I see fit and unless I really trust you.

Nickname: I generally go by Rae. This is the common name I go by online. In some instances, I have other nicknames. If you want to call me something else, feel free as long as I'm ok with the nickname. I can be picky X3

Age: Unless I truly trust you, I won't tell you.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (woo)

Personality Traits: When I'm comfortable, I am as I mentioned before. I can be serious, sometimes, though. Especially when I'm still getting to know you. Many people have thought I was older than I really am. Though I am always thoughtful and I care for practically everyone. If you're down and need someone to talk to, I'll always be there. Those are my main personality traits.

Hobbies: Singing, tap dancing, writing, reading, talking to friends online, daydreaming, attempting to draw, swinging on a playground, listening to music.

Likes: I ADORE MY FRIENDS I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. You know who you are XD I also love animals, nature, inspirational quotes, laughter, books, people messaging me (so please message me). And a bunch of other things but I can't think of anything else right now.

Dislikes: Cold temperatures, a bunch of foods (I'm extremely picky), comparing (certain types of comparing. Only the kind that makes me feel lesser do I not like, but anything else I'd love to debate on), and EMPTY MAILBOXES.

Sexual Orientation: Well in case you're wondering, I'm not actually sure. I could either be straight or bi. Really not sure.

Relationship Status: Even though I care immensely for many people, I find it extremely hard to romantically love someone. Haven't really found anyone yet. That's partially why I don?t know about the SO. But I'm not sure why I put this and the SO up, anyway. It doesn't really matter. But put simply, single. Obviously.

Spiritually: This site is, after all, about magick and metaphysics. I've been on this site for a while now. Maybe a year? A little bit less I think, but almost there. I spent a long time not really putting in much effort trying to learn, but finally, I went into it. Now I'm hooked.

Naturally, I would not be experienced because I am relatively new. I started out by trying to learn Tarot. I know how to do it, but I am not perfect. Still working on it. I am also learning Wicca. I have not done much, but I know the basics (at least most of them). I've done a couple spells and rituals.

Currently, I only work with the Lord and Lady, but I am also interested in the Greek pantheon and am planning to work with some of the gods and goddesses from there. I feel a strong connection towards it.

There was a time when I joined the Spellcasters coven, and I posted two spells. Beware, I created these spells when I didn't know much about this stuff. If you see in my History, they are called Luck For A Day and Stop The Rain. As far as I know of, the Stop The Rain one will not work, so don't even bother. I don't know how to take it off, but if anyone knows please tell me. I haven't ever tried the Luck For A Day one, but I've been told it works and also it is in the top section in Good Luck spells. So you can try that, I guess. I know how to make simple spells, and have made a few. You can ask for one and I'll let you use it if you really want to (I don't really expect any requests, though), but I strongly suggest you make your own spells. Those will be the strongest ones.

If you are interested in magick, I suggest you get a bunch of books on the topics you are interested in. They hold a lot of information, if not the most. Think about what you want to learn, then find something on that. SoM is still a great resource, though. In addition to books, read articles and forums. Participate in the chatter and watch some videos on the topic. I can give you a few tips if I know any, but as you will see, most people will strongly suggest (like creating your own spells) that you take this on independently and learn on your own. This doesn't mean you can't ask for help or tips, but it's mostly on you. And trust me, it helps. Also, an important thing to remember is patience is huge in this. If you don't have patience, it might be a little hard for you. I don't have much patience, but I'm learning to have it.

I consider myself a Witch, specifically a Wiccan. I am solitary, meaning I work alone. Though since covens on SoM are virtual, even if I join a coven I would still be solitary. Covens here are a learning environment, and also has a feeling of family. I'm thinking about joining a coven, though I haven't decided yet.

Ok, if you read that all, you are absolutely amazing. Thank you for reading my profile!! But now that you're here, why not send me a message???


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