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Name: Allowing
Location: USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 05 Mar 2016

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Hell, my stage name is AllowingPsychic. I was born to the Kohaim; Cohanim Hebrew Priests, aka a Healer among the wise ones who participate in the work of creation in order to nourish the people and protect the earth. Some call us witches, energy healers, hypnotist, shamans, priests, priestesses, sage, medicine people or mystics, and we are known to heal the sick, summon the herbs, grow crops, assist at births, positive suggestions, track in influence of stars and planets, and build temples and sacred mounds. We know the secrets of the earth, the powers of the moon, the longing of the human heart.

I don?t like to be called a witch, I am much of a healer and a spiritual being that can see your pain and help in removing it. I am normal just like anyone else on this earth, but was gifted to be part of the Cohanim's. I help with bad luck, breakups, Use High Power to perform Rituals to help many suffering Souls in this World. I am here to Help You! I am REAL! I don't do spells, but I do rituals, and my rituals are based on herbs, objects, symbols, energy, reiki, hypnotic rituals, NLP programing, coaching, EFT, crystals, psychology of the mind, spiritual communication and working with spiritual doctors aka entities. I specialize in fertility using hypnosis, matter of the heart such as: love, attraction, depression, weight loss, IBS, etc. You can also write me for spiritual development and coaching, as this is my full time practice.

If you have a problem with fertility, IVF, self-esteem, confidence, weight loss, stress, addictions, emotional pain, illness, or any other? I will be more than willing to help... I work in all forms of divination, spiritual works, and channeling with spirits, dream interpretations for understanding your messages. When I help others I do not do spells. I am here to educate myself about it, what I do is similar to spells, but it involves spirits and energy, the universal life force. I do self-empowerment, home cleansing and willing to travel for helping you. Write me for special request or help with any type of addictions...

I have been born into the Craft of healing and spirit communication since I remember myself walking and talking that was 1964 and performed my self-dedication since 1999 while I have extended my knowledge with Kabala, hypnosis, HypnoBirthing, EFT, NLP, cognitive behavior, Melchizedek Energy Healing Method, and Reiki, as well as working with the Goddess and the Gods in 1999. I enjoy helping people and as a result it becomes my full time practice and this is all I do for living. I enjoy helping others to gain the ultimate power of joy and happiness. PS: When I agree to help you with your request, never make it a possibility to waste my time! You must be patient and willing to do your part of work as requested, otherwise you will mix unwanted emotions into my work, and it can be draining, and I will not continue helping you. Respect must be mutual, after all this is my bread winning that I survive on, just like any other job, nothing is done for free, unless it is for distance energy healing and reiki or related work as long as you are willing to provide the materials or pay for them. Anything that is by universal life force and other rituals, I am happy to do it for free, but you are responsible to pay for all the materials needed to deliver the results you desire.

Please note, I am not a ?witch?, I am a spiritual messenger and a healer! I am able to willing to offer my work for free if I can, but please don't ask for it, unless I offer. And I do at times when I can, since sometimes I may have some extra materials available. Any help I render is done with the best of my ability! However I am not God and I cannot guarantee 100%, in fact no one can. Please keep in mind, just because I am gifted and can help many others, I also need other people's help from time to time, such as with an additional cleansing, or others. Because healers are human too and are limited to use the same methods to help themselves, we can do all other mental and spiritual life force, however we usually cannot help ourselves with spells and rituals.

Blessed Be!


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