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Name: Uncle.LeeX2
Last Seen: Mon, 09 Nov 2015

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Personal Bio

My Beliefs

Even though I'm Catholic I like to keep an open mind about stuff and I like to accept all forms of religion with open arms. I to went through a lot of choice making when I first started questioning my own faith ever since I was kid. God did give everyone free will and unlike some christians I believe you shouldnt suppress the beliefs of others by trying to persuade them to believe in yours. People have the choice in the matter to pick a religion they should believe in. No one should ever tell you whether or not your wrong or who is right with the religion you trust in.

Stuff I like to do

During my spare time I like to read books about magick and the supernatural. If you knew me in real life you would always see me with a pencil and some paper, because I also like to draw a lot. On some occasions I like to write poetry, but not all the time.

Who I am

I am a type of person who sees beauty in things that may seem dark or mysterious, for some reason I like to scare myself and daydream about the unknown. Stuff that goes bump in the night out fo no where and things that happen for no apparent reason is one of the very things I like about facing my fears and exploring the unkown regions of God himself.

My Special Talent

When I was young I had a traumatic experience which lead me to the fact that I now know that i can see and communicate with the dead. At first I thoguht I was going crazy and had schizophrenia, but as time went on I was getting signs from the voices in my head that they were in fact real as reality itself. I am now trying to strengthen that ability I have and accept it as a gift from God.

What I'm Learning

Right now I am studying stuff about Hoodoo and how to do spellwork with candles. I'm also reading about how to use the bible for magical purposes. In the future I wish to learn a thing or two about spiritualism and other practices, but as for now I am currently keeping my attention on what Im doing at the moment.

Thanks for reading!


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