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Name: AnkeshA
Birthday: Jan 20 1995
Location: Texas
Last Seen: Mon, 22 Aug 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
here is a little about me. Some of my favorite things are....

Movie-all Star Wars films except New Hope

Food-Ribs & Chicken Wings

Color-Purple & Black

Hobbies (when not crippled by depression) include cooking/baking, having fun, hanging out with friends, etc.

book-n/a, I really don't like to read novels & yet I am working on my first novel. Ironic, isn't it?.

Actor/actress-Idk, there are so many talent ppl out there

Genr? of music-heavy metal, gothic punk music, pop, electronic music, cello, & sad depressing songs (for when I'm depressed) just to name a few.

I live in Texas but plan to move overseas in a few years.

If you want to know more send me a msg with one of these colors depending on your intent:

Light blue-I really like your profile, can you tell me a little more about yourself (I won't tell you anything personal so don't ask)?

Blue-Can you help me with somethin'?

Grey-I really like you, can we keep in touch?


Burgundy-I don't like you (if you type this color plz tell me as to why you did)

Black-For anything Satan related (i.e, I'd like you to perform a ritual with me, attend a satanic meeting with me, etc). If you send this color, state what the ritual is, why do you need me to help you perform it, does it involve sacrifices, etc. if you don't answer these questions and give a detailed reason, you will be ignored.

Yellow-Thank you so much for ________ (fill in the blank)

White-We're friends, I got your back

Orange-This is if you sent me a private msg & want me to check my mailbox (I don't look at it often)

Red-This is if you want to send me a warning regarding anything.

Brown-I'd like to keep in touch if that's ok with you, do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. that I can follow you on?.

Pink-I think I'm inlove with you, can we meet somewhere?.

Silver-you have a helpful suggestion whether it be for magick or otherwise

Gold-I sent you a gift from your wishlist, you should be receiving it soon

Dark Grey-Other (basically anything that I haven't listed)


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