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Name: ArinaWB
Location: USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 14 Dec 2008

Membership: Contributor

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I am 13 years old, my name is Brett (everyone calls me Arina) and I am a beginner in the use of Magick. I play the violin and some guitar, and I am a writer.

I have always been interested in Magick, for as long as I can remember but I wish to keep it a secret from my family if possible. I have quite a few dreams including Magick, one of them is to become a mermaid. That is not the only reason I am interested in learning Magick, I am interested in the things that no mortal/human can see and many other reasons. I am currently a part of the Aesir Sunset Coven, and I am very excited about being in it.

One of my biggest dreams is to become a mermaid and learn some of the secrets the merpeople have to share. My element is water, so I am naturally drawn to it. I love swimming and playing music.

I am hoping someone will take me on as their student so that I can learn about the history, techniques, and best ways to use Magick. I wish to get all I possibly can out of Magick, and I can not do that alone, so if someone would help me, then please message me!

And I also need a powerful witch/wizard, or someone (without using Black/Grey Magick) who can give me, and maybe some other people powers (they are for a very good reason and will be used well). I also need someone that can make me a mermaid.

I am a minor empath, but I am getting stronger and I have learned how to sense emotions through the internet and I am still working on my gift. I just found out I was an empath about 5 months ago, but I was born an empath. It is very painful sometimes, but it is worth it. I also know a little Telekinesis (I am still VERY weak at it) and I am phychic too. I can also read minds. I just discovered these gifts that I have and I am SOOOOO happy I have them.

I am very intuitive and idealistic, and a big humanitarist.

I LOVE animals, and I learn things about life and humans just by thinking and watching it happen. All my friends come seek me for advice because they say I am a very good listener and very comforting to talk to. I am looking for a friend, but I am very open, caring, and compasionate and if you need someone to talk to, you can come to me.


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