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Name: WolfOfEden
Location: Boston, MA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 05 Nov 2015

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At the moment I identify as an eclectic witch, a novice, who is doing everything she can to better her craft and overall understanding of magic.

Though I technically have been exploring witchcraft since I was thirteen (now 18), I have just recently been freed from the claws that lay deep within the broom closet. I am still a closeted magic practitioner, though, now that I'm in college and away from my God fearing parents, I am more free to explore the path that I have been attracted to since I was a child:

1) As a kid I loved nature; bugs, rocks, animals... which sounds pretty normal, many kids are intrigued by the wildlife that surrounds them!

2) Every Halloween I wanted to dress up like a witch. Something about being one, even if only for a night, made me feel empowered. However, many youngins want to pretend to have magic powers!

3) My interest in the paranormal arts dwindled until one day, during library time in 8th grade, something told me to look up "alchemy" on the computer. So I did and I was so drawn to the many symbols Google had to offer. A friend of mine noticed what I was looking up and admitted her attraction to things associated with witchcraft too. We decided to create a two-girl Circle. Many of the spells we casted worked. We practiced together but eventually lost touch when we had to attend separate high schools.

4) I hardly kept up with my love for magic, as my schoolwork was getting the best of me. However, one night, my little cousin came over and while in my bedroom she noticed I had been drawing pentacles on some pages in my notebook. She told me she was into witchcraft too, and that she was part of a hush-hush Circle at her middle school. We did some spells that night, it was great.

5) My big sister tells me about the time when she was younger and she used to love rocks and was also intrigued by magic (unaware of my interest in the craft, too), so she ventured to an occult shop and bought some crystals. When my father found out her grounded her and accused her of dabbling in "unholy practices". I realized that this whole interest in witchcraft may be because it's in my blood, particularly my father's bloodline.

My big sister is not blood-related to my mother, only to my father. My little cousin is on my father's side. And then there's me. There's also the fact that my family migrated to New Orleans (voodoo/witchcraft hub of the USA) before traveling to Connecticut... I have to do more research though.

As for the now, I find myself coming up with spells on the spot all the time. To some, this is a gift of the "natural witch" (someone born with magic running in their veins, or someone born via the bloodline of a witch), but for now I'll just call this a skill. I'm a spellcrafter, that's all.

I'll share my spells online once I evaluate their effects. I'm also developing my Grimoire (aka Book of Shadows).

If anyone is up to talk I'm definitely down to have a nice conversation. Feel free to teach me new thing because goddess knows I'm such a newbie witch!


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