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Name: DaemonsLove2
Birthday: Jul 25 1998
Location: In your dreams
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 24 Mar 2016

Membership: Member

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This is a back up account for DaemonsCharm.

Hai, My name is Daemon,I'm a girl, its a pleasure to have you read my bio. i'm trying to get a hold of some magic tools and everything and wrap it around in my brain. I've been into magic and stuff like this since i was 8 years old. But i haven't had anyone to help me,, so i hope you guys can. I'm a very dark person, but i can also be very very happy. Just don't make me angry. I don't take no crap either.I love everything about this stuff but i cant find anyone to help. Maybe that ends now when you might be able to help me, im the type of person who loves to talk.

I love anime, i love drawing anime, i love manga, i love reading, i love singing and i love to love. But sometimes love hurts, way to much.. But its worth the pain. Its all good in the end, nothing done, no harm done. I used to self harm, i have been clean for awhile now, i used to drink and smoke, and in which i don't do anymore.anymore. I'm a shy person at first but if you take the time to get to know me i promise we will be the best of friends until the world ends. I love writing poetry! My only addiction --> sunflower seeds (ranch, BBQ).

EYE COLOR: Brown (turns brown and red)

HAIR COLOR: Brown but turns red and blonde

HEIGHT: '5"4"

I want to learn about Witch Craft


*Ask me to cast a. Spell for you.

*Ask me to turn you into a vampire or any other creature.

*Flirt, as I am already in a relationship.


* Ask for help.

Messaging :

I will no longer answer mail without a subject or simply says "hey". I have better things to do with my time than pursue a pointless conversation with someone I don't know.

Please do not message me to flirt. I don't flirt. You will be rejected, no matter how smooth you think you are.

I'm not going to do spells for you. Get over yourselves, and if it means so much to you, do it yourself.

Please try to use proper grammar and punctuation.

If I seem irritated, it's because I am. I have a very low tolerance for idiots.


IF I DON'T REPLY IT'S BECAUSE MY LIMIT HAS BEEN BREACHED! Theirs this journal i really REALLY want. It's in my wish list, if you're interested!


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