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Name: Robertcody
Location: Hamilton, Ohio
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 28 Aug 2008

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So you want to know about me well ok let me tell you who and what I am. My name is Robert Cody. I happen to be 18 years old and living in Hamilton, Ohio. I work more than i should and hae little time for everything else. I love the arts,and i try to support them as much as possible. God is my lord and savior and I live for myself and him. Im more of an enigma than you could possibly conceive. Im strong passionate and loving. You can have my trust until you give me a reason not to trust you. I dont anger easily but once im upset back the hell away. Sometime people get caught in theemotional crossfire that is my life. I cry when I'm sad, Yell When I'm angry, and rejoice when I'm happy. I have many people around me who would give their lives for me and I would do the same for them. I love to easily I'm sometimes told, must be the reason I always have a broken heart because i wear it on my sleeve.I work for wal-mart and even if i dont always love my job, I do it. I work with some of the greatest people in the world and I wouldnt trade them for a thing. You cant describe and you can look me up. Im different from your average person and pretty much awesome.I dont do thing half way I never have. Right now Im currently out of school but go back in august for my High school diploma then to butler tech for vetrinary science. Hell Yea. hopefully I can do what I have always dreamed of doing and helping out those who cant help them selves. which are the animals around us. If I left anything out well then send me an e-mail or a comment and Im sure we can talk about it, but other wise have a nice day Ive been a practioner of the arts for my entire life but I am just delving into my psychic ablities. Ive used them many time on instinct and seen many things. My main ability is precognition or preminition. But Im also an empath and a medium. My most well developed ablity is communing with spirits or medium. I practice only the white arts even though sometimes magic is blurred between white and black. There is a very fine line from doing something innocently or evil.


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