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Name: Son_Of_Odin
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Lo there do I see my father, lo there do I see my mother my sisters and my brothers, Lo there to I see the line of my people back to the beginning. Lo they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla where the brave may live forever.

If this tells you nothing then nether your sword nor wit is sharp so do not waist my time.

Far days.

One day an old man was walking down a road, and he met Odin.

Now as it happens, both the old man and Odin were too busy to stop and talk, but Odin shouted as he passed... "Pleasant journey to you good man, I shall visit your house this day next week"...

Astonished that the allfather himself has promised to come by for a visit, the old man hurried home and swept his front step. All week he made his small house as neat and clean as he could, and he made a good soup of fish and barley and roots. He drew out his best ale, and he bought some honey to serve on his bread.

On the day Odin was to arrive, the old man heard a knock on his door. He rushed to greet Odin, but saw instead a tired soldier trying to get home.

He was a bit dissappointed, but bid the soldier come in and rest a while. He fetched a small bowl of soup, some bread with honey, and a cup of ale for the soldier.

The soldier ate and drank, and rested for an hour. He then thanked the old man, and left. The old man hurried to wash the cup and bowl, when he was distracted by a knock on his door. He hurried to welcome Odin, but saw instead a poor traveling beggar.

Not wanting to be harsh to the poor man, he bid him enter, and offered him a bit of soup with bread and honey.

The beggar ate, and departed silently. As he was stepping out the door, the old man quickly poured a bit of ale into an old bottle, and gave it to the beggar.

The day wore on, and the old man wondered when Odin would get there.

Another knock at his door brought the old man to see a small boy and a dog. Both were starving.

The old man gave them the last of the soup, and thought to himself "Odin is late and has no-one but himself to blame if he missed the soup."

The boy and dog both thanked the old man, and went on their way.

Day became evening, and the old man went to bed.

As he slept, he died.

When He awoke he was in the feasting hall of Valhala.

He jumped up and protested loudly "But I am not a warrior to take a seat here in the hall of Odin".

And Odin replied "You welcomed me three times into your house yesterday. How could I not welcome you into mine"

A true warrior needs both a strong sword and strong mind to be victorious on the battle field. Knowledge is just as important as strength and sharp steel.

If our paths cross may we become the best of friends, if our paths cross on the field of war may you fight well and die with honor, and if our paths never cross I wish you the best and may the gods bless you.


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