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Name: TheIso
Location: United States
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 27 Feb 2017

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello, I am the Iso, or you can call me Akayla. I am the Grand Scribe of all Scribes and Isos.

If you have any questions on what a Scribe or an Iso is you are welcome to ask!

If anything related to Scribes or Isos mean anything to you, please message me. It would be nice to connect with another Scribe or Iso. :)

I enjoy helping people. If you want me to help you please message me. I want to try, but I do not help people in dark matters. So revenge, love spells, violence, dark acts, I do not do. But anything else I will try my best to help!

I will warn you, I am sort of... possessed. Not by a demon, but by something perhaps far more evil. She thinks she is. If you're afraid, don't worry. She won't care unless you interest her or have some use for her, and I still keep her at bay. Her name is Akavia if that means anything to you.

I am happily taken, but it is a complicated matter. I am searching for him, because we see each other regularly in the Celestial Plains but we have not met in this world yet. Line trico zu Blake.

I am tired of living lies, but I've realized being normal is a lie. I have no choice but to live the truth of who I am.

These thoughts are really in no order except for a couple, just warning you in advance.

I go to the Celestial Plains. If you know of this place please message me, if you do not then you're also welcome to message me any questions you have. (Please note the Astral Plane/Plains is different from the Celestial Plains.)

I am currently training in life magic. I also know how to wield several weapons. I usually use a long sword, scythe, and a long bow.

I was introduced to magick by my Wiccan friend.

I am a strong believer of the impossible, including the "fantasy" spells on this site. If you believe enough, then anything is possible.

Please do not send me a message trying to discourage me of anything "impossible". I do not need that kind of negativity, and I will ignore you.

Respect my rights and beliefs and I will respect yours.

Some hobbies of mine include writing, reading, role playing, playing video games (mostly Minecraft), learning, and talking with friends online.

My backup account is TheIso2.

I will continue adding more to my profile as I see fit. Thank you for visiting my profile, and blessed be.


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