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Name: wendellbravo
Birthday: Nov 11 1974
Location: 2493 almeda subdivision de la paz binan,laguna philippines fatherland maryland msryknoll republic mama doris papa amor bravo diablo lucifer satanas wendellsantosbravomissyjanelljonell
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Jun 2016

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revalation jose rizal liwanag at dilim .world war 1 and 2 post world war 1 and 2 . restore republic world war 3. republic diablo satanas evil minions babilon babel .evil .(armageddon ) jkatipunan hope fight .end of slavery .pilipinas. revolution.2015 . langit lupa impierno mary ruth mary knoll mary land (mary grace)(mama doris s. bravo son wendellsantosbravo666ph.fatherlandapoylupahenryevillandwar3.2015.8.25.2015.jesuschristincarnate11.11.1974.langit lupa impierno .lupa hangin apoy. fatherland in the name of the nation revalation conspiracy .world war 1 and 2 post . restore republic of the philippines r.p. us. spain central bank federal reserve. declared guerilla currency new world currency armageddon fatherland august 20 2015 . apoy lupa henry . mary knoll mary grace mary ruth . isidora de lso santos ina ng diyos anak wendell santos bravo incarnate . declared wolf 3 wolf gang filipino armageddon all bank resistance movemnet of guerilla warfare world war 3 .wolf 3 philippine national bank to world bank world guerilla currency world war 3 . declared wendellsantos bravo666.richard lionhearth.apoy lupa hangin apoy. fall arthur alonte incubus len alonte babel minions of evil republic impostor evil visaya buray alonte evil gang republic evil gang .2015. apoy lupa hangin apoy .lupa hangin apoy. apoy lupa henry isis horus seth thoth.irni. august 20 2015. declared.wolf 3 wolf gang armageddon army.katipunanevil.all about people of binan the philippine hense.18th century 19th century noli me tangere ,el filiburistirismo. today 8.25.2015. declared legend.filipino today.rizal.2015.santos.bravowendell666wvilking.amorramirezbravosatanasrepublicdevilmarcos.r.p.u.s.spain.evil.evil.evil.666.wwendellsantos bravo.domingo tamengo inggo katipunan . k.k.k. apoy lupa. binan,laguna birth 1901.kapalit ni maestro justiano cruz elder in binan,laguna.anak andres de los santos a.k.a. katipunan andres bonifacio anak danny de los santos ibon evil. doris de los santos bravo mary land.mama virgin mary .rommel gulg dyamggo katipunan.wendell santos 666 katipunan or r.p.u.sspain. jesus christ.papa amor satanas. uncle gil bravo lucifer diablo eviil katipunan marcos diablo evil.666.langit lupa impierno.


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