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Name: Bazir
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There is wisdom in every spiritual path, and from many there is much wisdom to be earned. I am a universalist and my spiritual path although specific to me is derived from the many spiritual paths and practices that I have studied as well as walked. I was once a member here some several years ago known primarily as Othala and Illy but life pulled me in other directions; however, I hope to enjoy being back. I have been studying and practicing various forms of magic as well as magical paths for nearly twenty years.

Specific areas of extensive study include world religions, religious anthropology, and general theology. The origins, variations, and practices of Shamanism. The history, beliefs, and practices of the Druids. The history and practices of Witchcraft. Mythology and symbolism of the Celtic, Greeks, Egyptians, Norse, Native Americans, Hindu, Chinese, and various African cultures. The study of demons and angels from various religions and cultures. Herbal lore and magic. Holistic multidisciplinary herbal and naturopathic medicine. Various healing techniques from various cultures and paths.

My core practices include: Spirit Work, Journeying, Many methods of Divination, Meditation, Dream Work, Ritual and Spellwork, Energy Work, Chakras and Auras, Reiki and other Healing Magics, Candle Magic, Elemental Work, Nature Magic, Crystal and Stone Magic, Sound Energy, Alchemy, Cleansing, Banishing, Shield Work, Incantations, Sigil Work, and Talismans.

Additionally I am a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church. I work in Mental and Behavorial Health. At home I share the space with two cats and many plants. I read and study a lot and am fond of doing so as I am naturally inquisitive. I talk to my plants and often times others within nature. I believe strongly in living sustainibly and peacefully. Knowing that all I can control in life are my own actions and the responses to the environment around me I strive to not worry about the things I cannot control; thus I find a peace of mind I have never before enjoyed.

The power held in knowledge is about learning as much as you can about something and then finding the wisdom to apply it practically and responsibly. For me it is important to absorb as much as I can about something and then to properly verify the information and discern what I can reasonbly conclude as truth whether it be personal or universal. Belief is as such that it can be a fact but that does not make it the truth but accordingly the truth be derived from your own mind. With that said What I share is my own truth from life and experience but it is your choice to verify what I share and then make your own conclusions. Books and Google; as well as the knowledge and beliefs of others are invaluable resources at everyones disposal, use them accordingly to find answers to questions you have and then ask people the questions you cannot find answers to or if you need help understanding them.

It is that which is in my heart that the art of magic becomes manifest; and it is with my body and mind that I may percieve and appreciate such art.

When church walls box people and their beliefs in; I choose a different path and that is why Nature, Love, and Compassion are my religion, and the Earth, my Body, and my Kindness is my sacred temple.

)0( Liam Elijah Windseeker - Lord of Names, and other things )0(

If you wish to be named by the lord of names mail me all the letters of your first, middle, and last name but scramble them for your privacy and I will divine your magical name.


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