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Name: XxheytherexX
Location: listening to music
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 13 Oct 2016

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HEY THERE!!! haven't been on in a while so yeah. Message me if you want to talk. No spanming. No harassment. I will report you. Thanks and I'm really weird. Ask me questions or whatever.

***i really want to learn about herbalism but i dont really know where to start so if you have an idea of where i should start please message me and tell me***

Random things about me:

I like food

I love music

Bands are life


Rp ^-^

Feel free to message me I love mail

Wanna know anything ask

Email me at




I usually don't like talking about my feelings and thoughts, but I'm getting lost in my head. For the past six years I've been living with my mom. I hate it her drinking gets worse and worse. She goes out and sometimes doesn't come back til morning. She sometimes yells at me for no reason, thinking ive done something wrong. She's in the process of getting help, but she doesn't want it. I know I need help but I don't want her to think I'm crazy. I've tried to tell her but before I was able to tell her I asked her to never put me in a mental faculty, she promised me she wouldn't. Then she said if I had ever cut or been suicidal she would. I hated that moment. I knew from then on that I can't talk to her. I don't cut to kill myself. People think I'm stupid for it but of course it doesn't make since unless you've been in the same situation. Just like drinking or other addictions. Cutting is my addiction. I don't want to die...sometimes. I just want out. Not physically, mentally. I want out of my head. But I can't talk to anyone but the few friends I have that understand. My brothers have both moved out years ago. I'm alone in a sort of way. I hate it, but there's so many people that wont listen or listen and don't care. Or they just leave when I need them most....


im doing a lot better and im still getting better.

also update of july***

im doing better ive stayed clean its been hard at times but i couldnt have done it without my few close friends and my two brothers support

That's part of my story. If anyone ever needs to talk about anything please don't keep it in don't think about ending your story(life) talk to someone. Don't cut. Have a Happy Day. =^.^=


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