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Name: Maridox
Location: in the heart of all those who love magick
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 09 Jul 2014

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hey my name is stephen i'm 20 years old. i've loved magic ever sence i can remember but my parents are against it. but i don't care anymore i wan't to learn. i want to know. i want to do. anyways the first thing i would really like to learn is how to control my phychic power that i know i have, then my goal is to learn it all. i want to know it all. its my dream. i like to go around places, and work. if anyone wants to know more about me let me know. i've recently decided on looking into dragon magic, because i would like to learn a lot more about that subject as well. i'm currently taken guys so no hitting on me =D

I will never be afraid again! I will keep on fighting till the end! I can walk on water, I can fly! I will keep on fighting till i die!

i'm called the man with many themes XD

my adventure theme (non pissed)

my adventure theme (pissed)

my mystery theme

my paladin theme (my holiness)

my dark knight theme (my evilness)

my normal theme

my theme when i'm using my full power

my depressed theme

my other depressed theme

my freedom theme

i wrote a song with my freedom theme it goes like this

for my blood, rieses me, for my pain is in me i have waited for this day now, for my bloody rain but my heart will not guide me it will rain right beside me. for our love is not to be mean or pain in the rain. and for this, i am sure. yet this pain, i endure. for my heart, still wont guide me. in this bloody rain. and for this, i do suffer. an ebliss fulling duffer. and for what? i'm not sure. yet this pain, i endure.


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