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Name: LoveGuru411
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Well, I was WitchBeauty9 on this website but I lost my information (oops) currently as I know of I've tapped more into my magic abilities and I say I'm mighty proud. Not a lot to say about myself, but I do know that I do need more experience when it comes to magic, so any help at all (that is accurate!!) will be very appreciated :)

anyway I like meeting new people, and I'm really into music (I don't listen to dubstep) and I'm very shy and a bit too nice. I'm very passive but very social, and sometimes you can almost sense the sweetness of my aura over text (I know, I'm working on it...) I hate the fact that a lot of people can't open their minds and see past a mans abilities and how he looks, how our world is slowly crumpling before our very eyes of cruelity, injustice and hatred. I hope to someday make a difference in this world and maybe someone will help me make a difference someday.

I am bisexual (but taken so don't try), 14 and female, and I love making new friends. I love gory things and scary movies and I absolutely adore Halloween, and most importantly I love my friends and (some) family.

Now for the interesting part. Why I'm here! I've been wanting to deepen my understanding in the Wiccan Practice so I've moved from my teacher Starfields, and came here! As you read above, I had a account previously for fun, and now I'm back. Another teacher I previously had, AridineRose sensed I had such a great magic ability she rated it an 8, something she says is extremely rare. I can sense auras pretty well and my mind chakra is not opened too well but I'm working on it. I prefer Greek "mythology" but I will work with Roman, and my favorite subject on Magic is love (you guessed it) and I also love the telepathy and potions too, they're so much fun!!!

So if you like the sound of me message me. If you have questions message me as well and I might be ale to answer them. If not, please don't message because I'm too nice and sensitive to be dealing with mean people. Blessings, Andrea :)


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