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Name: Odin_Mit_Uns
Birthday: Jan 3 1993
Location: Colorado U.S.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Sep 2015

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Personal Bio
A little bit about myself, I am an Aryan Satanist who worships the ancient Aryan Gods/Demons of the Nordic race. The Aryan Gods (Satan and the Demons) where honored by many different Aryan pagan societies, and worshipped under different names and images that associated with those different cultures. It wasn't until Christianity destroyed and removed the Aryan religion and labeled the Gods evil and wicked forces. The Gods/Demons had been replaced by a fictitious Jewish God for distraction and slave worship. The Gods wanted, and still want to teach us in achieving the Godhead, thus becoming Aryan Gods as them, through metaphysical workings and advance practices. Christianity and other related programs was constructed to prevent us from doing so.

My political background is National Socialism, which is in fact a political version of Satanism. It opposes Communism and Marxism which are nothing more that slave programs, like Christianiry, but on a physical level. Communism is a political Christianity, Christianity is spiritual Bolshevism. Like National socialism and Satanism, they are one and the same. Many would deny the relations of National Socialism and the occult, but it is a fact that many members of the Third Reich was associated with an occult community, known as the Vril Society, and where occult practices and rituals would take place.

Regarding my goals and practices:

My practices consist of vrilology, sex magic/rituals, power meditations, and telepathy. I've been experienced in occult workings for 6+ years now, though I still have a lot to work on regarding magic success and ability. I wouldn't consider myself advanced just yet. My goal is to advance and success in reaching perfection, the Godhead, and finishing the work my ancestors have not completed. I am actually looking for a partner to work with on this matter. So if you'd like to know more about Aryan Satanism or if you have the seek the same accomplishments, feel free to message. Or even if it's just to chat. I enjoying making new friends and getting to know other.


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