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Name: Ifeelworse
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 14 Dec 2015

Membership: Member

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Guess whos back

My friends please add me back

Please dont hurt me...


mood: angry,mad,irritated


dont pick fights with me... if yami gets u u screwed


i wanna learn how to use shadows... so i could like make a shadow pickun and bring me a glass of water or sumthing like that...

i also wanna learn some offensive and defensice and passive magic

also i wanna learn some fire spells... if possible using my finger tips like lighters...

also some ice magic... prefered freezing water quickly


Gifts are WELCOME and if u give me a gift fr my bd (when its thats time again) ill try to get u a bd gift two ^_^ (if im not broke like usual)


Ill help everybody i can... But i will not always succeed with helping


I dont like hugs at all *lies terribley hard* (well... Actually i loooveee ale huggles but when a guys first message contains "*hugs*" it usually makes me think of him as a creep)


Add my steam account: Steelshadows (to be sure its my account the pic sais"it wasnt me, it was my evil twin" if not good results... Try searching on Firetornadow)


If im afraid i am more hostile...


me haz dificulties trusting ppl... especially if they talk bout money


I have a semi-multi personality disorder...


Neko is nice catish playfull and also kinda girlish sometimes

G is most nice and most girlish

Psych is a cool guy... But if angered... He is a killer... He only never used my body for killin

Psycho is like his big bro and hes like a gentelman but if hes in his unstabpe state hes a killer

Empty is smart but feels lil to none emotions

Android none emotions but wants to understand humans

Prv is a perv but nice

Thas em all


Imani (aka poundcake2 , Pound_cake) i miss u so badly


A quote I heard once... But I dunno from who:

The best day and the worst day have one thing in common,

They both have 24 hours


im the scared little boy you can find in the corner,

the boy youll always feel sorry for,

the boy that says he doesnt want you to feel sorry for him,

the boy youll find crying when he is alone,

the boy that will search,

the boy that gives others what they desire,

the boy that doesnt care if he will die,

the boy everyone thinks is weird,

im the individual boy,

im the lonely boy,

im the depressed boy,

the sad boy,

and the dead boy.

(a bit of a poem... that tells how i feel... but i dont think its a poem that counts as a poem... and this is my first poem like thing)



* fierceemotions

* fierceemotions2

whatsapp: ask (i can answer no)

facebook: abandoned... so no point in asking


please dont hurt my friends... cuz if u do... im not sure how i will react... but my blood thirst is pretty high so i will probeably tap all your blood for consuuming


music style: nightcore NiGhTcOrE NIGHTCORE!!!


Warning: HUGE pervert alert

i can hold back... most of the time


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