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Name: Lives
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Note: The reason I don't have a ranking is because I asked people not to give me one and I don't wan't "beginner" or "Novice" on my profile.

I am spiritual and I use magic. I'm happy to chat and respond to mail, but I don't cast spells for people, evoke demons, give readings, or tell you if a bunch of spells are real or not. Also, have something in your message besides "Hi."

I am a solitary practitioner or witchcraft and mysticism. Since you all don't have meaningful power over me, I am willing to share with you some about my practices. I don't feel like listing them all here though. For those of you considering "coming out of the broom closet", think about how those with strong influence on your life might react. Often times, it is not living a lie, it is being smart. It is not a decision you can go back on easily, and has ruined family relations for people I know. I don't like the term "the Craft" because it implies witchcraft is one tradition, when it is really many. I don't capitalize the word "witch" for the same reason I don't capitalize "salesman" or "lawyer." They are not proper nouns.

Newbies, if you have any hope of being good at witchcraft, don't waste your time reading those hokey books from Llewellyn festooned with pentacles and tacky fonts. Here is one of many stupid quotes from those cheesy new-age books:

"Witches do not believe in, let alone worship, a devil. They do not believe in an evil being whose purpose is to balance out the good God."

The author neglects to mention that there are Christian and Satanic witches who this does not apply to. Witchcraft is not a religion. It is a practice that can get you what you want within reason. We can believe or disbelieve in what we choose; there is no dogma or set of rules that all witches must observe. Working with deities, joining a coven, and following a code of ethics is optional.

I would like to thank all the fluffies on SoM for making me look relatively knowledgeable and brightening my day. I've been on this site for a while under various names, and all your goofy comments still crack me up.

For those new to witchcraft and magic: The Basics Expanded:


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