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Name: Norsewolf
Birthday: Oct 31 1996
Location: Orkney, Scotland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 01 Oct 2015

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Personal Bio
my name is Aoife Mikaeld?ttir, but feel free tae call me Effy.

I live in Orkney Scotland though ma family originally stemmed fae Iceland

I'm a heathen and Viking decedent

My family are var?lfur, or as you may know werewolf, no I do not care if you say we are not real for we are, just not what media portrays us as. And I will confront you if you are fake, it make us look for for ya tae say you're a wolf when you're really not.

ah study and practice Norse Paganism as well as a verity i' deities including Loki, Fenrir, Freyja, Freyr, an Njord, Aegir an the Wave Maidens.

Most of my practice revolves around the earth and nature, and as such would go I work with the more elemental jotunfolk. Like my father I am quite traditional and I believe in keeping old traditions alive and strong.

I can sometimes have my moods and am quite rough around the edges.

I have an earthy sense of humor and am quite down to earth don't be shy!

I enjoy listening to the wisdom of others, and if you would need assistance I'd love tae help, I'm open tae all who need assistance no matter what, but please no fluff or roll players,

Please understand that I will not conduct spells for you, but I will aid you in casting your own.


My studies/practices include:

-Projection Methods

-Altered States of Consciousness

-Energy Manipulation

-Nature Magic



-Animal Totems/Guides


-Celtic myths and teachings

-Norse myths and teachings

-Deities and honoring/working with them (mostly The Vanir as you may know them)


-Stones and Crystals


-Ritual Work and High Magic



Outside of SoM I'm am homeschooled. When I'm not reading or studying or practicing I am doing something with my mam and father who I am extremely close with.

One rule for ye, never ask me questions about being, what you call a werewolf. You may ask all the questions you'd like about var?lfur or werewolves. I will answer them to the best of my ability. As a var?lfur I as you respect me. Though you may not like var?lfu or believe in us I ask you to keep your words respectful. And understand that I cannot change you, you are human and were born human, even if it were possible to change you I would not.

You?re a long time deid.


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