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Name: Ana_4171
Birthday: Jan 17
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 06 Dec 2015

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Personal Bio
----------About Me-----------

I love all cats and wolfs.I love muisc i play the saxophone

----------My Beliefs---------

I am a Wiccan. I believe everyone has great power within themselves. I'm theistic in that I don't believe in central gods and goddesses. I believe everyone is their own god/goddess because we all have the powers to create and destroy. I believe that after anything dies the spirit still walks the Earth to guide and help whomever they chose. Mo


I just recently started to work with divination. If you'd be willing to let me cast runes for you or read your tarot cards let me know. All I ask in return is that you tell me how accurate you feel the reading was. If you want a reading send me a message with the following format:

Why do you feel you need a reading?

What is your situation/question?

What type of spread would you like? (Listed below)

If that information is not in the message you send me you will recieve the following message back: "You have not provided sufficient/enough information. Please review and try again."

If everything is all good, you will recieve the message: "Thanks for the message, you have been added to the waiting list and as soon as your reading is finished, I will send it. :)"

Depending on when you ask me for a reading it may take a couple days for me to get them to you depending on my busy schedule. I do the readings and send them out on a first come first serve basis. (Meaning if you ask me before someone elce I will do your reading before theirs) I work on readings between 11:15AM and 12:35PM on weekdays.

I am also currenty working on refining the way I do reading to make them quicker and more efficient so just bear with me, if you would.

Number of people currently on my waiting list: 14

Types of Readings I offer:

Three Card

Card One represents your past

Card Two represents your present

Card Three represents your future

Question and Answer

Card One represents you and your current situation

Card Two represents actions you can take

Card Three represents your obstacles

Card Four represents the outcome

Card Five represents how it will effect you

The Week Ahead

Significator Card represents a summary of the week as a whole

Card One represents Monday

Card Two represents Wednesday

Card Three represents Friday

Card Four represents Sunday

Card Five represents Tuesday

Card Six represents Thursday

Card Seven represents Saturday

The Golden Star

Significator Card represents the heart of the matter

Card One represents the present

Card Two represents known desires

Card Three represents hidden factors

Card Four represents possible obstacles

Card Five represents the outcome

The Celtic Cross

Card One represents the current situation

Card Two represents what is helping or hindering you

Card Three represents the best you can achieve at present

Card Four represents hidden factors

Card Five represents the past

Card Six represents your next move

Card Seven represents how you see yourself

Card Eight represents others' attitudes

Card Nine represents hopes or fears

Card Ten represents the outcome

I currently only work with The Golden Tarot deck.


My photos are public



I'm very friendly and I'd love to hear from you.

I can help you time travel (Can't be done)

I do love spells

I can make you half dragon (Not real)

I can give you Pyrokinesis (Not real)

I can help you communicate with animals (Not real)

I can help you summon a wolf (Can't be done)

I can help you summon a bee (why?)

if u have any questions just ask don't be shy

And my soul is wolf

If u have any question for me just ask. Message me a color

Blue=i want a second chance

Yellow=you're cute

Green=i want a kiss

Purple=i will die for you

Red=i want you to kiss me

Pink=let's cuddle

Orange=i owe you a kiss

Black=i want a hug

Rainbow=i really like you

White=I'm crushing on you

Brown=i love you.


Turquoise=i don't like you

Aqua=i hate you

Gold=lets be friends

Silver=Your my enemy


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