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Name: ReaperBoy
Location: Canada
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 26 Dec 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
hi i am a wizard, and have loved magic for as long as i remember. i believe i have the ability to move things without touchin them(Telekinisis),3D magic,potion making,etc. i love magical creatures and my favs are cats and dragons.

favourite movies: Harry Potter,Ghostrider and more.

favourite books: Harry Potter series,The Charms,Scoobydoo comics,magical books and more.

favourite shows: Supernatural and many other.(Mostly scary shows)


have any questions just ask and i'll do what I can to come up with them. Also if you have any questions message me. I'm available pretty much all the time.


Spirit animal: Cat named Reaper. I have never actually

seen him. I have talked to him and seen him in my dreams.

I think I might have

a dragon too but I don't know.

Element: fire

I am a wizard. I mostly do gaming. But I don't get much involved into real world stuff much thou so yeah..


I am just a begginer mostly and am learning,if you guys have any tips you can always message me.

Computer,writing and electrical tinkering are pretty much my life. I use all

my free time doing theese things and so far this, Wizard101 and facebook are pretty much my favorite websites.


I have 3 cats and 2 sisters. If you guys have any questions just ask. I also really love getting mail. so feel free to mail me.

Likes: magical things,nice friendly people,having magical friends,pizza,skittles,dragons,listening to music,computer games.

Dislikes: people that have no belief nor love for magical creatures,basketball,football,really seriously strict people that are not nice,justin bieber,non-magic people with no belief in anything but real world facts and not magical,being leftout.

yeah.. im quite a loner type, but like to be with my friends. even if there gay, i can care less bout sexuality.

Well, i hope you enjoy having me here my magical friends and good luck in wizardry or whatever piece(y).

Blessed by ReaperBoy

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