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Name: Sharkrays
Birthday: Sep 18 2001
Location: Hamilton beach Ca
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 02 Oct 2015

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Spell casters wanted!!

The communication limit is driving me crazy thies days. Moderators help me? The communication limit is so out of control with thus profile. Please talk to me via bull sharks profile. Sorry for any inconvenience. So if you did not get a feedback from me send it again to bull shark and again sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for your understanding. Important help notice at bottom of bio If anyone have questions about ANYTHING including the website itself then I will help you and I will try my best to do so. Not from what you have to hear but from what you need to hear. Or not from what you need to hear but from you have to hear? Either way Hi my Name is Bryan and I'm a beginner with magic and I hade some experience with it but not much. I'm was not born in the USA I was born in the island of Puerto Rico so my languages are Spanish as first and English as second My studies will be on witchcraft quija boards and how they work and astral projection for now but I'm willing to learn more in the future This site is quite use full with help the moderators are watching for the rules to be maintained and lots of spells to cast and its really Amazon Some more things about me Im friendly no matter what I'm always willing to help with anything.i like to play minecraft consule version and do some mechanical work with the car and go swimming underwater its really fun. I dont like is getting into problems or situations non of that.And I don't cast spells for people nor do I make them for people and I only do white magic I don't do any black magic that's another thing about please don't ask. And don't ask for me to shapechange into like a dog or any of that its impossible I used to do a lot of fluffyness but no longer do any fluff? Ok so this is all that I'm going to say. I turned into a dog and If you think it's fluff then it's wrong from my experience I can't teach you either so sorry for others. But really I ain't going to talk about this. Since everyone has different opinions about something it's hard to deside who to trust. And that's my most issue here. But anyways I don't want to talk about it!____________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ HELP NOTICE: if anyone can teach me about spirit animals and all about it then that will be help full for this notice? ___________________________________________________________________ Mostley here the thing that I don't understand is why do people say its impossible to shapeshift? Because they just say its impossible to do it physically others say its not possible in the astral plane. Literally the more opinions there are the tuffer it is to believe. Because I could say that shapeshifting is impossible but people just say its impossible without even trying. I do so myself and no others don't believe me. Until there's proof but if this goes on its going to be a really frustrated time for everyone here. And people are constantly being rude to those who think is possible. Politely say so. I understand that its been repeatedly over and over again but really the main point is that its been crazy with this subject and it can turn out very bad literally!


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