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Name: Militarygirl
Birthday: Dec 20 2001
Location: USA North Carolina
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 26 Jan 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Back up Soldierchick

The parts between the ~~~ are the main parts you need to know about me so just read that.

You know that feeling when you have stood by someone for a while, and you have trusted them with a lot of stuff. But then they think of you as nothing.

You can try reading it all there is alot

Song of the day: Double V and formal one- Tortuga (radio edit)

I love all music, but techno, heavy metal,and rap are my favorites

I love when guys have lip peircings , well any peircings

So, I do want to learn about the dark arts, but I need a teacher since My grandma passed.

I curse a lot, don't like it go away


Joined August 6th, 2015

My element is fire

I do play interrogation or abuse (truth or dare)

I'm getting snakebites and a labret soon

I'm bored all the time so drop a message if you want

I love dragons

I have weird hazel eyes



Sagittarius (obviously)


Holly, you can call me soldier, Alex, or Shelly

Gamer girl

Country girl

8th grade

Algebra 1

Pan-sexual ( I'm young doesn't mean I don't know what I am )

Cold hearted B**ch, deal with it


North Carolina

Public photos


Anything else ask

Kik: Irishgirl5611

Skype: HomeWork5611

Gamertag (Xbox 360): ArtyAuto95

Favorite bands/singers

Adam Lambert- If I had you

BOTDF (Blood on the Dance Floor)

Hollywood Undead- (almost all of them)

Get Scared- Sarcasm

He is We- Pardon me/ Kiss it all better

The Fray- Never say Never

Breathe Carolina- I.D.G.A.F

Saving Abel- Addicted

Eminem- Kim

Linkin Park- In The End

Root: under-active (-25%)

Sacral: open (56%)

Navel: over-active (94%)

Heart: under-active (0%)

Throat: open (62%)

Third Eye: over-active (75%)

Crown: open (44%)

Random shiz


-Sneezed falling out my bed, scaring my cat, making her jump onto my dresser and run into my mirror.

-Friend: *looks at people eating icecream across the street* Who eats icecream during winter?!

Me and her girlfriend: *eating icecream with her in the middle of us*

Friend: *looks at me* Oh My Gosh!! Really Holly?! *looks at her girlfriend* You to Isabelle?! *walks off grumbling while we laugh*

-Me: *putting water proof liquid eyeliner on*

Hailey: *Busts through the door* HOLLY GUESS WH-

Me: * glares at her with a huge black line on my face*

Hailey: I'm gonna run now

Me: *chases her for like an hour finally catches her and makes her redo my eyeliner*

-Me: *Is reading a book*

Vine: *comes into my room and yells* To Many penis's!

Me: *looks at her like she is crazy then realizes* Let me guess you had sex with your husband and then changed your triplets diapers

Vine: *nods and walks out*

Me: *laughs softly and continues reading*


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