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Name: demonkat
Birthday: May 9 2000
Location: alone in the darkness
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 29 Aug 2015

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i go by the name of kitty that is my fake name i'm 15 and pansexual. im an anime freak i love my music ill list my bands below. i am a poet song writer and artist. i have no religon but i am a demon. i am VARY shy i dont like people but i like making friends. i have alot of problems anger,depression, ADHD, insomnia, trust problems insecurities and suicide i tired suicide more than once and i only ready know how to die but if it wasnt for my adopted family id be 6 feet down all do i still have dreams of dying and my nightmares usally come true i can see peoples death before they happen it hurts and i wish to get out but im not normal im completely different from everyone . i suck at relationships and friendships but i loveto make friends well try atleast and make them happy. i love horror films and i need help learning magic...i play video games and im a skater cookies are my favorite and black ish my colour no i dont have skype nor do i have oovoo i wont snap chat you or go on anything else i have facebook and kik i am selectively mute im not looking for love so dont get your hopes up i dont date anymore ive been hurt too much. i have been bullied my whole life and me and my family dont get along i lost alot of people in my life already and all my friends are on the internet but one...yes


1.My chemical romance

2.Motionless in white

3.New years day

4.Falling in reverse

5.Black veil brides

6.Pierce the veil

7.Sleeping with sirens

8.All time low

9.Simple plan

10.A day to remember

11.We came as Romans

11.Three days Grace

13.Green day

14.Blood on the dance floor


16.Asking Alexandria

17.The ready set

18.Jordan sweeto

19.Catching your clouds

20.Sounds like harmony

21.Jeffree star

22.Set it off

23.As it is

24.Never shout never

25.Bring me the horizon

26.Her bright skies

27.Panic! At the disco

28.Marilyn Manson


30.Marinana's trench

31.Snowwhite's poison Bite


33.Suicide silence

34.We the kings

35.Escape the Fate

36.Fall out boy

37.Artist vs. Poet

38.Social repose (Richie)

39.The all American rejects 40.Secondhand serenade

41.Bullet for my Valentine

42.Mayday parade


44.If words could kill

45.V?sta collide

46.Of mice & men

47.The downtown fiction

48.Stereo skyline



51.Woe is me

52.Hollywood undead

53.For all those sleeping

54. Alesana

55.famous last words

56. follow my lead

57.ghost town

58. get scared

59. Breathe Carolina

60.Breaking Benjamin

61.Bless the fall

62.The relapse symphony

63.Youth in revolt

64. Down and Dirty

65. Capture the crown

66. 30 seconds to mars

people like me... 7-22

Why does one always lead to twenty? One cut, now it's three soon it's fifteen.why do we do this to our selves? I'm talking about my kind. The ones who force food up, the ones who start with one slit but then can't stop untill they pass out, the ones with monsters like me. They live inside of us and every time we look in the mirror we see them, nobody else seems to but in our eyes our teeth are horribly crooked and stick out, our hair is yarn, and we're either overflowing with fat that it drapes to the floor or we're so skinny we can see our ribs break inside us once again. We will see different things when we look in our mirrors, different Monster taunting us, but our monsters have one thing in common. They have hollow, soulless, eyes of a nobody who was once a somebody. Nobody else seems to see them though, only us, and if they do they lie to protect us, and if they point it out they're a bully. What's worse though? Being a bully or a lair? People like me don't deserve sweet lies that will give my brain cavities. No, people like me deserve to know the truth, so we never get our hopes up.

You bleed out in the sink

I'm screaming for this to be a lie

how could I do this to you? please tell me you'll be fine your painting in your own blood!

Is this your own kind of sick twist!? But wait the picture becomes clear...

I was never there!

It was like a delusion!

And your not really there!

So who is this infront of me?

I'm delusional!!

And the pills won't work this time

I've finally lost it all

I've lost my fucking mind!

And I still go back to that place. And I swear I see your face when I look in the mirror and I swear I'm delusional! I've lost my god damn mind! I wish that I had more time..

I can't forget you when you chase me in my god damn mind!

I'm delusional!

Its a dangerous chase

And at this rate I'll end up with you bleeding out in the sink.



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